Friday, December 01, 2006

Dinner at Church Social

the dinner was good, chicken breast, salad and rice. I ate what I wanted of the chicken (less than 1/2 and the salad, about 1/2 and put a napkin over the rest to signify that I was done. worked great, no one commented.


desert was some pumpkin pie / whipped cream / ginger snap cookie concoction. I had a teaspoon or two of the pumpkin pie like substance. waited about 12 minutes I was in the bathroom and I went in search of what I had just ate: I had the pumpkin pie / pudding / brown sugar / whipped cream thingy, and with a Tablespoon ,. it was the tons of brown sugar that did me in and possibly the pudding, both are new to my 'list', i have had pumpkin pie without a problem, but occasionally I find that it is food that I am not used to.

I think that our tolerances change periodically. I find that I can tolerate somethings, but the 'fourth' serving is what puts me over (even if it is not on the same day) ultimately I stick to my safe list of things to eat and rarely deviate.

I know that many times it if is a safe food, then the problem was that I was not 'paying attention' when I ate, and I woofed, didnt chew well, and or ate too much too quickly and gracious. I feel wretched.

if I do not 'talk on the phone' I am better about getting in my 'normal' amount and not feel over stuffed and the need to