Friday, December 29, 2006

Right Mindset or Wrong One

the reason that some diets work and others fail, is that most TELL you what and HOW much limiting content and quantity. I have found this to be extremely helpful this year. it was freaking amazing that a human CAN easily live off of 1-2 oz meals, three times a day and not DIE. heehee, hungry yes, but still have plenty of 'fuel' stored up on fat all over the body. I am total living proof of that. I had 7 months supply of fuel stored up and it was killing me carrying it around. now that I have exhausted that supply, am eating more reasonably, I find that most people eat an obscene amount of food out of 'habit' rather than 'need'. decide what you want to eat, how much and start a routine, it really helps.

I didn't use a photo as motivation, I had one in my head, but I find that even today when I look in the mirror, I do not see any difference. I have always had a hard time with visual dysfunction. I didn't really see me getting fat, I really didn't see me getting skinny. I lost and gained 100's of lbs and couldn't really tell. so a photo or even clothing size were not able to help me. I had to just know that I could have xx amount of a certain food for this or that meal, and that I had a limit of meals a day. and just follow the plan.

things that make me happy:
lights.. lights make me happy. christmas lights. candle lights. light reflecting off a lake, light passing through a waterfall. I love light.

giggles.. giggles make me happy. a baby chortle. a tween giggle. a mother laughing. even the mild hysterical giggles of my insane little girl makes me happy. each and ever giggle in the world means that someone is happy.

things that make me sad:
Magnus is still pissed at me for going to see Naomi for the summer and he spent the summer with his father. he thought I abandoned him even though HE went to Norway and Germany for 4 weeks. He still tells me that he does not love me and that he loves his dad best.

Erik tells me he loves me all the time, but it doesn't ring true. it 'feels' like he is just sucking up because he knows how hard it is on me that Magnus says that he does not love me.