Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas

mine was good. spent in a motel room, but filled with love. my parents and two of my three daughters as well as a son-in-law-2B were here. I kept trying to get everyone away from the 'food' being the reason for the season and on to something else. ;) it was hard, every few hours people talked about what they were going to eat next. heehee

most would think that a holiday feast in a motel room would not work, but actually it worked very nicely. we got two adjoining rooms, (a concept my mom had never heard of) and we pulled the little tables together, one from each room, and the three chairs from the other room and had exactly enough for all 6 of us, we went to costco and got a rotisserie chicken, a bucket of Waldorf salad and a dish of sweet potatoes a pumpkin pie, and with my microwave, had a very very nice dinner. and my absolute favorite was that there was minimal left overs, just enough for two more meals. I AM TOTALLY loving that.

we deliberated on where to eat out that would be most cost effective, and while it would have been about $10 a head at a buffet, this ended up being $5 a head. and we had two more meals, so that ended up being even a better deal.

as for decorations in a motel room, I went to the dollar store, and picked up some battery operated candles, and garland, and felt banners, an evergreen wreath and a couple of poinsettia bushes to make a great window and table center piece.

the presents were just right, not too few, not too many. hysterically, my mom got me a cook book for Christmas as well as two crystal candle holders that were inlaid with 24K gold. I was just grateful for surviving my surgery, for being with my family, and for being healthier than I have been for 20 years. the fact that I was in a size 6 was totally a bonus. I am getting more used to the fact that when I go in to a store it is harder and harder to find anything my size, since 6's are just not that plentiful. I imagine that if I get any smaller, the challenge will get bigger.