Thursday, December 28, 2006

Everyone is tired of hearing about it

what size I am. what weight I am. many find that it is 'old news' and I should obsess about something else. hmm. like what?

so for the record, so that I can see it in print. and maybe 'get over it'

as of today:

I am 5 ft 7.25 in tall which in metric is: 170.82 centimeters
I am 154 lbs which in metric is 69.85 Kilograms
I am a size loose 6 US (8UK) (36 Euro) if I could find a 5 US, it would probably fit better, but the 5 is not a Misses, it is a Junior, and those do not fit well at all. so I will just wait. I can get a 4 on, but it looks obscene as of yet. ultimately, I am 1 inch too tall for average pants and 3 inches too short for tall pants. so while I have bought a couple of pairs of average to 'get me by' ultimately, I need to get all TALL's and hem them.

as for anything else. well, 5 US bottom, for underwear, and a 36DD on the top, still can not find good support other than Playtex, they seem to understand SUPPORT. Victoria Secrets do not understand support at all. Underwires are totally obscene, never get one of them on again. OUCH! have been peeking at bare necessities, and they have a couple that seem to have some good coverage. I got a wierd one, called Lumaire, it was a metric 80, but a 36D, they didnt have a DD and I figured that I would shrink. so what is the point, we shall see next month.

Promising in the Bra Department:
Goddess or Lilyette on my wishlist

oh gracious, I went to a warehouse here in Clarkston, got Levi's for $12 a pair, yipee skippee. that is sweet. size 30x32 regular fit 505's. I am giggling my tail off!