Saturday, April 14, 2012

mommy wars

I work at home. I work outside of the home. I volunteer. I homeschool.

I think.. yes, your dying to know, it is the word "WORK" that is the hardest part. when I am 'working' regardless of when I am 'volunteering' for scouts, or 'volunteering' at the pb factory, or 'volunteering' for compassionate service, I want the labor that is involved to 'count'.when I am "working" and I am tutoring a child, any child, regardless if it is on skype and that child is 2000 miles away, or in the car and that child is only asking a question, or we are at the kitchen table and I am tutoring, I want recognition that my "time and talent" matter.

When I am "cooking", "cleaning", repotting a plant, teaching my kids about simple or compound interest, closing cost, or even going with my child to 5 different stores to price and quality compare refrigerators, I want my "efforts" to count.

When I am "working" and I have a camera in my face, or I am on the computer until 4 am deciding of two identical images, which one the eyes are just a little more open, or the sun light is reflected just a little bit better, I want that talent to "COUNT"

I wish that I could have a grain of rice for every 'job' that I have done that 'counted' so that when it all comes down to it, and someone says, how many grains of rice do you collect each year, then we all have rice to count. because while most people are truly caring and kind people, we really do not appreciate all the different jobs that each person puts as a priority, but we do want to be respected for every grain of talent that we share.

Even if you do what you do as a gift to your 'employer' it should be respected as a gift of time and talent and held sacred as the gift that it is.