Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So the sound byte from

So the sound byte from the backseat: so & so is going to breakup with so & so because so & so is cheating with what'his face. OMG


I just am so T*I*R*E*D... makes no sense, I get enough sleep, I am taking my vits, I am eating okay. Protein for breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner. yesterday I devoured a bunch of leafy green vegetables. maybe the shock to my system is what is getting to me. but Seriously. I am so needing a long nap.

I seriously do not know how I am going to meet all the commitments that I made a year ago when I am having trouble getting the dishwasher loaded and the laundry put away. Usually I am a human dynamo, so this makes no sense. Primary objective. Work, I am completing those assignments, but not putting forth any effort to get new work. The boys: Erik has completed his TAKS Math exams, so we are done with all the tutoring there. I have to get Erik to swim practice daily, I am doing that, but resting on the sidelines while he is working his heart out. Magnus, well, his scout group is puttering along and I understand each parent wanting to finish up, I am just going to have to enlist some help before I collapse.

As for the girls, well, they are migrating in the right direction, just a little while longer to get them situated, I hope and on auto pilot, althought I have lived on that fantasty for some time now.

maybe some CHOCOLATE would help. heehee, probably not.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Growing so big so Fast!

My boys are getting so big and handsome.
Hard to believe hat Magnus will be 8 years old next month

and Erik 10 at the end of the summer. 10 years old!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Weekly bath? Discovery Green in Downtown Houston

Picnic at Discovery Green

Nothing beats a Peanut Butter Sandwich outside on a Sunny Day at the Park.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night Live - Erik

Erik school conduct:

Stamps through out each day when he is caught being good. A modified chart / token strategy, we use a 3x5 blank index card at the top of the desk and a simple inexpensive ink stamp.

At the end of the week if he is on task all week, a trip to Friday Night Live

this has worked phenomenally well. This week we had a crisis and he was able to work through it and solve the problem without it escalating to a thermal nuclear meltdown. yeah!

today he is on his way to a church activity and then when he gets home, dinner, and then Friday Night live. Friday night live is targeted for Tweens (3rd - 8th grade).

*sigh* now to find something for momma to do... ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Art class

Jordan enjoys art class and got to talk to daddy today wahoo!!
Next week, Jordan and momma fly to Houston to see Ama and MiMi!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Growling Lawnmowers

Naomi's Story:
There is a garden in the back yard, and I have to keep an eye on the pumpkins in the back yard. and I approve of this message. and the answering machine picked up a number, and I said mom there is a problem with our answering machine because it won't cooperate.

There snow in the orchards, or the field, and there is sunflowers and pumpkins in the garden. and by the way I found some Easter eggs for the others and I found some eggs and I put some food away and I founds some corn on the cob and butter and salt and pepper and keep it fresh.

Like I had orange and I cried, and physical therapy. get Magnus over here so that Donnie can talk. there are goats on the property. and they eat hay and hay is on our property in the field.

I brought some human shells in our family. they are from the dollar tree. Easter eggs that you fill, they are white and yellow, they have some dye, make them real, dad said with very good place, and only one bag of treats left, and there were all of three, and there were apples in there.

I found some treats in the white house, it had a Christmas tree. And by the way, we found some white wall paper. that is because I found some kittens that were hurting them and I found the vacuum cleaner again and I am going to put the lawn mower in the yard and it is going to stay in the yard and I brought vacuum cleaner inside so it wouldn't cry.

I left lawn mower outside, I had to put another bag on it. I put the plastic thingy on it and I had to pull the thingy hard, and on my finger, and I had to pull harder on it. and I thought I was going to have to have the lawn mower feeling better. I filled the lawn mower all the way up to the top.

My dad said I had it easier. my mom said “do you want to pull the string hard”, and the lawn mower started working because it was going to start growing. By the way the lawn mower got real temperamental. and I had to fix the lawn mower again, and it started growling, and I had to start pulling the darn thing on it, and I pulled darn rope out of the way so that it wouldn't start hurting.

By the way I had six growls, the lawn mower started growling at me. while I was trying to fix the lawn mower again, it was out of gas. when I pulled the thingy, it hurt a little. and it started working a little. and it was hurting a little. If I wanted to pull on the string, I had to pull it all the way out.

I have to keep my eye on it, and it growled, and I pulled and I said thanks and mom said that it was going. I am going to check on doing things for the lawn mower, and I am going to get the weed wacker. So it will stay healthy. you want to weed wacker to stay healthy, you have to hold the weed wacker up. the weed wacker goes fast. They have a little string on top. it is downright embarrassing that I found a fly on our property.

Sunday with SUN

Happy Sunday Afternoon. I have a batch of Oatmeal Raisin cookies chilling, the laundry is blowing in the wind, the sun is soaking into my skin, the lawn may be dry enough to mow in a few days, but right now it is green as shit. Erik is signed up for Swim Team and Triathalon and the next 10 weeks will be OMG busy with Magnus scouts overlapping Erik's Swimming. I have some popcorn to nibble on.

starting from the top down instead of the bottom up in this weekend's update:

Jasmine... Jasmine... Jasmine...
you know. letting go is never easy. as a matter of fact, it is down right impossible. so the long and short of it is that my girl has issues. my darling daughter just has no idea which end is up, that can be the only logical explanation.

the update is that Jasmine eloped in October and married a marine. she didn't tell me until March when I was filing her taxes.

Jasmine... Jasmine... Jasmine...
(very very very long thoughtful pause)
(heavy sigh)
Jasmine... Jasmine... Jasmine...
(really very very very long thoughtful shake of head and pause)

on Saturday she was ready to drop everything and move to California to stop the insanity with Christopher. Sunday she checked her mail, and had her acceptance letter from the University of Montana. she was staying, registering for class on Monday. Her sister Krys and I convinced her to PLAN first, give notice, get a paycheck, pack, think things through and have a plan.

Monday, she was back to heading south after talking to Chris again. Krys made arrangements for a sitter for Jordan, bought a bus ticket to go up and help Jazz move.

Tuesday, Jazz changed her mind. Krys got the bus non-refundable bus ticket refunded.

Thursday, Chris called again, this time at 3 O'freaking'clock in the freaking morning and got Jazz wound up tighter than a $2 watch. She was packing and going again.

Friday she agrees to stay on at work until they can find a replacement. she has been at this job that she actually loves 6 freaking weeks. He is in IRAQ, so it is not like she is going to BE with him in California. he just wants her there WAITING for him when/if he comes home in August. like a well trained, I do not know what. If I had the means I would HAPPILY rip someone's head off and dump down their throat. She is now moving without furniture and will survive in Cali until for a year, giving up her instate residency, and walk away from an education at UofM for 'ONLINE CLASSES' to passify Mr. Manipulate and Dominate. HE seriously thinks that an online bunch of classes is the same as a 4 year college degree at a liberal arts college for an elementary education teacher.

Lord have mercy. The sad thing is that she has 1/2 a brain and if he UNDERSTOOD that, then he would appreciate that while she may feel prompted to be sweet to him now, when he comes home and she has had ENOUGH, and she will get to that point, I know, I know HER. she will dump him and he will be burnt with some serious scars, that PPD would be a scratch compared to how hard he is going to fall when she is done dealing with him. I sit back, and watch like a spectator, it should be quite the blood bath.

fortunately, for me, I am not the one that is flying off to rescue her, I even stopped answering my phone because it was just too much drama for even me to handle. I had my own taxes on Wednesday, my own daycare delivery on thursday, and my own cub scout 8 hour event on Saturday and the storm of the century to contend with here in the flood zone.

Scooting down the totem pole, Krys/Jordan and Jason. Well there is a trio. She is going nuts without him, she is trying so hard to find a direction in her life, and god love her, she is doing very well. Taking Jordan to art classes and MOPS, and church and keeping a routine for the boy. but she languishes waiting for the elusive phone call and non existant mail, electronic or snail. I suggested she would have more support in Texas, but she was adamant to be in California for the few months he had there. She is growing up the hard way, and no amount of helicopter parenting can fix it. It is a healthy growth and development though, so she will survive and be stronger in the long run. Which makes me smile. Jordan is definately missing his "Amma" and "MiMi".

Naomi. well I have not heard much from Naomi. She has been a very quiet little girl this week. I expect that she is okay, and just cruizing along, with few and minimal issues. She should be checking in tonight with her own update.

Erik .. what a schedule... Bike Practice 4:30 - 5 pm and Swim practice 5:00-5:45 and bike practice 6:00-6:30 pm EVERY day, swim meets every weekend at 7 am, and then triatholons every other weekend. lost of carbing up and ripping out. Scout Camping is June 23 - 26.

Magnus.. well Magnus is just a low key boy, he will be hanging with the Dad a lot.

and NO ONE wants to get out of school for a week and go with me to Kansas, afeared of TORNADO ALLEY.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

oh my .........

Water.. the boy had some choice words to say when we went though the flood waters.

Just a wee bit of flooding on way home from scout fair we have been at a stand still for 1/2 hour now

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Texas update

Well the Chatty Version: My car has been in the shop for 23 days. I got a loaner car from the Dealership, and the tags ran out on it on Friday, so I have been driving around on expired tags on a 2009 Honda Accord. The Transmission went out and they are replacing it. The problem started in January 2008, and by February 2009 I was pretty upset. In January 2009 I put $1400 into a catalytic converter, that I DIDNT need since it didn't fix the problem. I took it back for a jutter in the starter clutch (inside the Transmission) in November, December, January, and finally in February I grabbed the flipping mechanic and took him on a ride so that I could replicate the flipping problem. sweet mother of god. it was not that difficult. you can Google the symptoms and get 1000 hits of what the problem is and that it is covered under warranty. but they THOUGHT they could jerk me around on that. The Civic is only 6 years old. they have since been educated that I am not in the mood. I pitched a fit to customer service and planned to report everything to Honda Corporate. I figured I would hear from the General Manager in 12 hours and I did, almost to the minute. He called the next morning and BEGGED me to let him fix the car before sending my response to Honda Corporate. supposedly my review would decimate their averages, well DUH! so they are supposedly going to reimburse me for the catalytic converter ($1400.00)and they have ordered and installed a brand new transmission($3600.00)and I am waiting to hear back on the hybrid battery pack that they tried to sell me ($3200.00). I think that it is finally paying off to be an elderly woman. ;) district managers do not give you nearly as much shit and take you much more seriously as a consumer. ;) (rolling eyes - bloody morons)

As for the rest of the clan. well let me start with the typical stuff: I got about 5 calls on Monday because Erik is having issues. By Tuesday, I got 3 calls, he was in In School Suspension. By Wednesday, he was out, but by Friday, back in. supposedly he is too smart to study, too cute to care. he did get almost a perfect score in the Read Texas State Exams. But he annoyed another kid at school and said 'boys are weird' which the kid retaliated by saying that he would kill Erik out in the playground with a knife. Naturally his butt was sent home, but for the life of me I have no idea why they would put Erik in ISS for saying 'BOYS are WEIRD" They ARE weird. he got the standard issue 1.5 hour butt chewing. I was seriously ticked off, more calls from the school in the last 21 days than in the previous 36 months. I think that the school principal has my cell phone on the top 5 speed dial numbers. Last weekend he did better and qualified for his BB Gun Certification and Archery Certification for Boy Scouts.

One more chess match next week and we are done with the tournament for the year. Both boys had a draw today.

Magnus wants to quit Boy Scouts, and then changes his mind again. I think it is because he HATES crowds of people in general and doesn't like the chaos, I am not sure. Getting him to an activity is like pulling out his toe nails, but once he is there, takes a crow bar to pry him away. What is the shock of the day is that with enough skittles, I can bribe him to actually read on level for me. he has been reading significantly below level and it has been causing some serious worry. but I think that he has been playing me.

Krystal took her ACT exams a couple of weeks ago and she was extremely stressed out. she is a little old to start college and she has forgotten most of the stuff, but I think that if she retakes the next one, she will be more comfortable. She does need to find something to do with her days while she is waiting for Jason to do whatever he is supposed to be doing. I would say playing in the sand box, but I might get something thrown at me. heehee.

Jasmine has been accepted at University of Montana and I may have to personally maim anyone trying to distract her. The number one reason for sending her there her senior year was so that A)I didn't kill her and B) so that she would graduate from a Montana High school and have a guaranteed admission to the same college that Her Grandma and I graduated from. Moving on base instead of completing the plan that we set in place in 2003 would really screw that up. (just ask the Honda District Manager how well that goes over) She would have to wait yet another year to get in-state tuition. As If! she has moved to house that is 5 minutes from her work and will not be having a room mate. She was fine without one for many months out in Montana while my parents were out of state for MONTHS. so she should start to settle down and de-stress some. She has Pyper and Dakota with her and naturally she is happiest with lots of dog hair in her life. GIGGLE.

now for the DRAMA!!!! Not sure what is going on this Summer with Naomi in Washington. She is getting much bigger and more emotional. Erik and Magnus will have Swim Team, and Triathlons, and Scout day camp.

I sent a couple more boxes to the troops. I heard that there was a request for Chocolate Chip and Sugar Cookies. Things have quieted down here work-wise, so I should have time to make them on Thursday. Sverre says that I am getting fat (gained 13 lbs) but I hope to have it back off before long.

Well hell it is 1:44 am and I would have to say that I have burned through yet another day. I am taking both boys to the scout fair this weekend. Maybe Sunday to the Park, they paved a path from Collins Park (behind the Cypresswood Cop Shop all the way under Steubner to Meyer Park along the bayou. It is pretty kewl.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just one more Check Engine Light

Ima - battery.. This is very taxing.. each month it is $1.2K - 3.6K+ to keep it on the road and it is STILL not legal.

Goodson Honda

25 days..... 1 new transmission... 1 new motor mount... one happy happy civic...

awe, this little baby is purring like a kitten with a velvet tail. you never really know just how bad something is when you drive it every day and then suddenly it is fixed. what sounded like spinning out on gravel over pavement is no longer an issue. what sounded like jutter and chattering is silent as the dead. I am dancing the watusi.... just thrilled and probably more loyal to Honda than before.

that makes two really good outcomes of potentially nasty situations.

Nikon D70..... and Honda Hybrid... going to take the baby to the park now...

Friday, April 03, 2009


I am taking the left over rice (cooked in milk instead of water) from last night, added in 1 envelop of jello (orange) to one cup boiling water, and then stirred it in and am gelling it up, gonna add the rest of the whipped cream and some fruit (bananas, blue berries, peaches) and eat it for late night sin-session. yes I will burn in hell, but I do not care. I spent HOURS in the principal's office today.

I got so fat that I rode my bike to the school today and back (4 miles total). Breakfast was a protein bar and Dinner was just shrimp scampi.. nothing else.

Computer class

Magnus in working quietly in computer class on Friday afternoon. He is really a smart boy!