Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday with SUN

Happy Sunday Afternoon. I have a batch of Oatmeal Raisin cookies chilling, the laundry is blowing in the wind, the sun is soaking into my skin, the lawn may be dry enough to mow in a few days, but right now it is green as shit. Erik is signed up for Swim Team and Triathalon and the next 10 weeks will be OMG busy with Magnus scouts overlapping Erik's Swimming. I have some popcorn to nibble on.

starting from the top down instead of the bottom up in this weekend's update:

Jasmine... Jasmine... Jasmine...
you know. letting go is never easy. as a matter of fact, it is down right impossible. so the long and short of it is that my girl has issues. my darling daughter just has no idea which end is up, that can be the only logical explanation.

the update is that Jasmine eloped in October and married a marine. she didn't tell me until March when I was filing her taxes.

Jasmine... Jasmine... Jasmine...
(very very very long thoughtful pause)
(heavy sigh)
Jasmine... Jasmine... Jasmine...
(really very very very long thoughtful shake of head and pause)

on Saturday she was ready to drop everything and move to California to stop the insanity with Christopher. Sunday she checked her mail, and had her acceptance letter from the University of Montana. she was staying, registering for class on Monday. Her sister Krys and I convinced her to PLAN first, give notice, get a paycheck, pack, think things through and have a plan.

Monday, she was back to heading south after talking to Chris again. Krys made arrangements for a sitter for Jordan, bought a bus ticket to go up and help Jazz move.

Tuesday, Jazz changed her mind. Krys got the bus non-refundable bus ticket refunded.

Thursday, Chris called again, this time at 3 O'freaking'clock in the freaking morning and got Jazz wound up tighter than a $2 watch. She was packing and going again.

Friday she agrees to stay on at work until they can find a replacement. she has been at this job that she actually loves 6 freaking weeks. He is in IRAQ, so it is not like she is going to BE with him in California. he just wants her there WAITING for him when/if he comes home in August. like a well trained, I do not know what. If I had the means I would HAPPILY rip someone's head off and dump down their throat. She is now moving without furniture and will survive in Cali until for a year, giving up her instate residency, and walk away from an education at UofM for 'ONLINE CLASSES' to passify Mr. Manipulate and Dominate. HE seriously thinks that an online bunch of classes is the same as a 4 year college degree at a liberal arts college for an elementary education teacher.

Lord have mercy. The sad thing is that she has 1/2 a brain and if he UNDERSTOOD that, then he would appreciate that while she may feel prompted to be sweet to him now, when he comes home and she has had ENOUGH, and she will get to that point, I know, I know HER. she will dump him and he will be burnt with some serious scars, that PPD would be a scratch compared to how hard he is going to fall when she is done dealing with him. I sit back, and watch like a spectator, it should be quite the blood bath.

fortunately, for me, I am not the one that is flying off to rescue her, I even stopped answering my phone because it was just too much drama for even me to handle. I had my own taxes on Wednesday, my own daycare delivery on thursday, and my own cub scout 8 hour event on Saturday and the storm of the century to contend with here in the flood zone.

Scooting down the totem pole, Krys/Jordan and Jason. Well there is a trio. She is going nuts without him, she is trying so hard to find a direction in her life, and god love her, she is doing very well. Taking Jordan to art classes and MOPS, and church and keeping a routine for the boy. but she languishes waiting for the elusive phone call and non existant mail, electronic or snail. I suggested she would have more support in Texas, but she was adamant to be in California for the few months he had there. She is growing up the hard way, and no amount of helicopter parenting can fix it. It is a healthy growth and development though, so she will survive and be stronger in the long run. Which makes me smile. Jordan is definately missing his "Amma" and "MiMi".

Naomi. well I have not heard much from Naomi. She has been a very quiet little girl this week. I expect that she is okay, and just cruizing along, with few and minimal issues. She should be checking in tonight with her own update.

Erik .. what a schedule... Bike Practice 4:30 - 5 pm and Swim practice 5:00-5:45 and bike practice 6:00-6:30 pm EVERY day, swim meets every weekend at 7 am, and then triatholons every other weekend. lost of carbing up and ripping out. Scout Camping is June 23 - 26.

Magnus.. well Magnus is just a low key boy, he will be hanging with the Dad a lot.

and NO ONE wants to get out of school for a week and go with me to Kansas, afeared of TORNADO ALLEY.