Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cub Scout Camp

cub scout camp, 5 classes a day, 4 days and learned:
science experiments
snakes and plants and seeds
amphibians and reptiles
leather billfold craft, leather wrapped handle walking stick
wooden catapult and bridge construction
first aid triage
flag football & home made ice cream making
geology & owl vomit
leave no trace
bb guns & archery
police and finger printing

Erik ran a triathlon, swam 100 meters, pedal'd 5 K, ran 1 K, finished in 23 minutes in Pearland Texas

we went to Splashtown USA and played in the water

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pearland Triathlon

Erik started exhausted but finished without throwing up, more than can be said for some other participants.

He swam a 100 M 8:34 - 8:37 = 3 minutes
He Pedaled a 2.5 Mile 8:38 - 8:52 = 14 minutes
He ran a 1/2 Mile 8:53 - 9:03 = 10 minutes

He finished in 29:18:00
placing 14 out of 17 in his division

the run is what did him in, he was just EXHAUSTED at that point.

We finished up with 6 hours at Splashtown USA

Monday, June 22, 2009

Camp Wannahawkaloogie

Sat Jun 6 7am – 12pm #5 Swim Meet @ SCF
4:30pm – 6:30pm Triathlon Bike for Erik
Sun Jun 7 2pm – 4pm Birthday party at Jenna's and Pool Party - Jenna's and Pool Party
4:30pm – 9:30pm Chris Lada Graduation & Pool Party
Mon Jun 8 9am – 9:45am Swim Practice
10am – 1:45pm Scouts - Erik & Magnus go to Jesse Jones
Tue Jun 9 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
Wed Jun 10 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
Thu Jun 11 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
3pm – 4pm Mad Scientist Bush Library
9pm – 10:30pm Night swim
Fri Jun 12 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
Sat Jun 13 7am – 1pm #6 Swim Meet @ Raveneaux - at pool at 7 am!
Sun Jun 14 9 - 11 am church

Mon Jun 15 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
12:30pm – 1:30pm Swim - Magnus - Philip
Tue Jun 16 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
12:30pm – 1pm Swim - Magnus - Philip
1pm – 1:30pm Swim - Erik
5pm – 9pm moorhead blueberries

Wed Jun 17 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
12:30pm – 1pm Swim - Magnus - Philip
1pm – 1:30pm Swim - Erik
Thu Jun 18 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
12:30pm – 1pm Swim - Magnus - Philip
1pm – 1:30pm Swim - Erik
3pm – 4pm Fathers Day Gift Bush Library
Fri Jun 19 9am – 9:45am SCF Swim Practice
9am – 10:30am Staff meeting
12:30pm – 1pm Swim - Magnus - Philip
Sat Jun 20 7am – 3pm Divisional Swim Tournament @ Tomball

Sun Jun 21 7:30am – 2:30pm Cub World

Mon Jun 22 10am – 1:45pm Scouts - Erik and Magnus go to Jesse Jones
2pm – 4pm Movie Monday - Bush Library
4pm – 7:30pm Moorehead blueberry Picking

Saturday, June 20, 2009

fathers day project

Swimming lessons, Magnus can swim face down in the pool

Divisional Swim meet in Tomball, Texas

Fathers Day craft project at Library

(NWAL) Divisionals Swim Meet Tomball Texas

Event 21 Boys 9-10 25 Meter Freestyle
56/56 Amundsen, Erik
............previous best time: 00:27:12
.............Current time: 00:32:47 Wardrobe Malfunction

Event 51 Boys 9-10 25 Meter Backstroke
41/43 Amundsen, Erik
............previous best time: 00:33:91
.............Current time: 00:30:84

Event 61 Boys 9-10 25 Meter Butterfly
30/35 Amundsen, Erik
............previous best time: 00:37:25
.............Current time: 00:36:21 (DQ)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Spring Creek Forest Sharks vs Raveneaux Racers Swimmeet

Spring Creek Forest Sharks vs Raveneaux Racers Swimmeet
13 June 2009

Event 21 Boys 9-10 25 Meter Freestyle
23/26 Amundsen, Erik
............previous best time: 00:29:94
.............Current best time: 00:27:12

Event 51 Boys 9-10 25 Meter Backstroke
17/21 Amundsen, Erik
............previous best time: 00:34:07
.............Current best time: 00:33:91

Event 61 Boys 9-10 25 Meter Butterfly
15/16 Amundsen, Erik
............previous best time: 00:46:48
.............Current best time: 00:37:25

Saturday, June 13, 2009

mad scientist

Birthday Pool party in Klein, Texas

and then Graduation Pool Party in Cypress Texas

swim practice every single morning

Mad Scientist at Library, dry ice experiments

Swim Meet at Raveneaux Country Club

Thursday, June 11, 2009


It is so easy to post when things are getting us down, so little to post when things are smooth sailing.

Update on the critters:

From the top:
Jasmine. wow. this sweet girl has been through the ringer, hubby insisted that she blow off her job in Montana and 'be with him' until his deployment. Then refused to help her pay those bills that rack up when she is not working. Insisted that she be at his beck and call while on deployment, but come to find out he has another 'honey' in Iowa, I swear, him and that other one deserve each other. Jasmine is just too sweet and special for all that drama. His family were beyond spiteful during Christmas because they really didn't approve of him marrying outside of the Jasper county gene pool. OMG. that is worse than some of those from the Ozarks. now to extract my girl as quickly and painlessly as possible. Currently she is living in California with Atlas and working at the PX on base. She accompanied our family to the Graduations in Kansas and was a real trooper in our primitive camping for 7 days including a tornado / flash flood situation one night. She is stronger than she realizes.

Krystal. awe. this strong girl has gone through some growth and development during this deployment. Jason calls infrequently, and that just destroys her peace of mind. she worries and is so disparately attached to him that I feel her agonizing over this separation. We flew her and mini-me home in May and the grandma's have been smothering them both with love, chores, work, and life to keep her mind healthy and his body active. So far it has all been a win/win situation and Krys is doing well. She is growing into a really sweet lady.

Naomi, *sigh* we thought she would be joining us this summer, but that was not the case after all. but we do the best we can with what we have. I am sure that she is doing well. I miss her terribly.

Erik! augh. Scouts are a transition. He is leaving Pack 1550 and Joining Pack 334
He is finishing up Swim Team and progressing in Triathlon season. We just completed 7 day primitive camping trip. 6 months before I will be ready to do that again. ;-) we are working seriously on behavior management. Today was Mad Scientist at the Forum. Tonight is his third swim work out today. Hopefully, dad will pedal with him over and back, he needs more saddle time.

Magnus, Painfully shy as always, will start swimming lessons on Monday, again. I swear, this kid needs to learn. other than that, he has mastered the Nintendo DS and is totally engrossed.

Good Morning

Saturday, June 06, 2009

new bike

Last Week of School, cup cakes

swim practice every after noon

Swim Meet at Spring Creek Forest Club

Erik gets a new bike, he is now too big for 20” and gets a 24” bike. It is Blue.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Quoteable Quotes this Morning

some trash talk on facebook got me to thinking. do not trash someone's momma. even if she is wrong and setting someone up to fail, she is doing it out of love for that person.

"For Moses said, Honour thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso curseth father or mother, let him die the death"

I think that goes for talking smack about other people's parent's too. So I will counsel my daughter to maintain a sweet spirit about her Mother in Law, even as I would hope that She would not talk smack about my sweet daughter. A Daughter whom I love above all reason, just as she would love her son above all rational thought. I pray that God would speak the whole family's heart and that they would have a better Christian testimony.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

why don't you control your kid?

In Response to Behaviour issues:
[QUOTE] say something about it to him-maybe he would get the picture and act sooner instead of letting Tweedle Dee run rampant.[/QUOTE]

here is the comment from the parent that child is a little terror:

A) If I were to 'mess them up' for being a snot, CPS would be on my case faster than you can say child abuse, we live in a society that has gone completely off the deep end. while currently spanking is legal in all 50 states, it is severely frowned on by most liberals, even in Texas.

B) Hitting does tend to beget hitting, so starting it, does suggest that we go down a path that may or may not be healthy.

C) If a child is craving attention, even negative attention, they will act up in public to get that attention, some child psychologist would suggest that if you give in to a child demanding negative attention, you will be guaranteeing that they will be doomed to repeat the offense. so while it appears that the parent is not 'paying attention' and that the child is 'getting away' you may not realize that the parent has just texted the other parent and now someone is grounded for the next week and they are choosing not to include every other person in the 50 yard vicinity in a public scene of chastisement and thus public humiliation. A humiliation that some (mostly those that also enjoy a good public hanging and think that the public stocks should be brought back) would feel better if they saw the punishment fit the crime (in their opinion) and totally miss the point of discretion being the better part of valor and that public humiliation is detrimental to a child's self esteem.

I have often felt that each parent has the right and privilege to screw up their child as they see fit and they do not need any help from a 20 second child psychologist bystander who thinks that they know all and can solve this problem in 10 seconds or less. How about applauding the parent that child is running rampant in Kinkos instead of being left in the car to die of heat exhaustion or worse at home at risk of dying of a house fire because there were just not enough support to help. How about just a tad bit more tolerance that not everyone has all the answers and they do the very best they can with what they have and some days it is not all about the rest of the people that think that they are entitled to a perfect world with robo-tron children that are controlled with large doses of corporal punishment or medicated beyond sensible levels. What is so terribly wrong with everyone being uniquely different and possibly a bit irreverent?

Monday, June 01, 2009


Sam Houston Council - Phoenix district
Pack 332 LDS - Klinewood Ward - Klein Stake