Wednesday, June 03, 2009

why don't you control your kid?

In Response to Behaviour issues:
[QUOTE] say something about it to him-maybe he would get the picture and act sooner instead of letting Tweedle Dee run rampant.[/QUOTE]

here is the comment from the parent that child is a little terror:

A) If I were to 'mess them up' for being a snot, CPS would be on my case faster than you can say child abuse, we live in a society that has gone completely off the deep end. while currently spanking is legal in all 50 states, it is severely frowned on by most liberals, even in Texas.

B) Hitting does tend to beget hitting, so starting it, does suggest that we go down a path that may or may not be healthy.

C) If a child is craving attention, even negative attention, they will act up in public to get that attention, some child psychologist would suggest that if you give in to a child demanding negative attention, you will be guaranteeing that they will be doomed to repeat the offense. so while it appears that the parent is not 'paying attention' and that the child is 'getting away' you may not realize that the parent has just texted the other parent and now someone is grounded for the next week and they are choosing not to include every other person in the 50 yard vicinity in a public scene of chastisement and thus public humiliation. A humiliation that some (mostly those that also enjoy a good public hanging and think that the public stocks should be brought back) would feel better if they saw the punishment fit the crime (in their opinion) and totally miss the point of discretion being the better part of valor and that public humiliation is detrimental to a child's self esteem.

I have often felt that each parent has the right and privilege to screw up their child as they see fit and they do not need any help from a 20 second child psychologist bystander who thinks that they know all and can solve this problem in 10 seconds or less. How about applauding the parent that child is running rampant in Kinkos instead of being left in the car to die of heat exhaustion or worse at home at risk of dying of a house fire because there were just not enough support to help. How about just a tad bit more tolerance that not everyone has all the answers and they do the very best they can with what they have and some days it is not all about the rest of the people that think that they are entitled to a perfect world with robo-tron children that are controlled with large doses of corporal punishment or medicated beyond sensible levels. What is so terribly wrong with everyone being uniquely different and possibly a bit irreverent?