Friday, August 31, 2007

I am going to kill her

oh I swear, I am shutting off my cell phone.

DA (for dumb arse) offspring number 2 of 5 is beyond all forms of help.

she is quite possibly the rudest child known to man.

her flipping DA husband is 3 months behind on their rent because if he paid it then he would be flat broke. la de flipping da, your married, you have a 6 month old kid. suck it up.

he lost his ever loving mind and is quiting his $1100 a month job and joining the US Marines. Moving to Southern California and leaving her with 6 month old squeaker. DID NOT get a wartime SIGNING BONUS (20K with army) and SIGNED an agreement to NOT GET A CHECK until after bootcamp! 13 weeks later.

she now has to give up her house, and live with someone else since she makes a whooping $6.50 / hour at a part time job. now she has two choices, his parents that smoke like chimmeys or us whom do not and are richer than god (her words not ours). GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK

I tell her that there is no room for her 3 dogs, her three trucks and all her stuff. she must have a garage sale and clean house. she is like okay, HE WIGGS the flip out because he has to sell his RUSTED out 1985 POS chevy truck with an 8 inch lift kit that has as door and front quarter panel from another truck, and no bumpers because it just doesnt. and that it is not fair that she gets to keep the FOUR DOOR Blazer that will hold the stupid carseat for the baby. and he can only keep his fully restored 1973 VW Bug. and some BS about garage saling the XBox, not even an Xbox 360, but one from pre-1993

lately she has been stressed and pretty rude and disrespectful to me and I am sick of it and my husband her step dad is REALLY sick of it. there is no freaking way that all her stuff will fit in this house. My dh OFFERS to pay for her a storage unit.

Her Blazer broke down and her husband (the mechanic) made some modifications to TRY to get the new starter in and ended up over modifying the u joints and frying the electrical harness for the a/c. I PAID for the tow rather than let them FLIP up the truck that has 4 wheel drive. (do not get me started on why someone needs 4 wheel drive in HOUSTON TEXAS) anyways, the bill is $400.

I just paid for the groceries, her electricity, water, her garbage, and my dh paid her insurance and 1/2 her cell phone, and 3 new pairs of slacks for work (mandatory dress code).

I told his parents that SOMEONE else needs to help, (I am still sitting on a Rx glass bill that he PROMISED to make payments on, but has not in 3 months as they agreed,) DA Daughter will not call the father-in-law because she doesn't want to deal with him and would rather let the truck sit at the repair shop until she gets her first check and pay for it than actually CALL her father in law and make arrangements to pick up the STUPID BLAZER and let him pay for it.

I told her that I was not driving 5 miles to her house to pick her up and 5 miles back at 7 am each day for her to get to work. she was like okay fine.

OMG I have no critism for Andrea Yates, I swear, it takes a STRONG person to just say no and not get sucked into all the drama.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


the long and the short of it is:

went to Washington in July and August 07 to visit Naomi. that went fine.

came home and Sverre insisted that we sell EVERYTHING that is not nailed down and move to Norway by July 08

Krys's husband joined the marines and so they will not have any income for 4 months and she is putting entire house in storage and living with me for that time. HE is pitching a fit that he have to sell one of the three vehicles because there is no freaking room to store all of them. She is bringing the little punkrat that is now 6 months old

Jasmine is working for Directv and had various moments of drama each week, I am refusing to get sucked into the vortex. My plate is already too full.

Magnus has been sick for some months how with bowel issues and continues to see specialist. we have not solved the problem and are pretty concerned.

Erik is in the 2nd grade and has gotten so mouthy and disrespectful, we have tentatively canceled his birthday this year and he will remain 7 until we see a change in his behavior. ;)

I am craig's listing everything and the spammers are starting to irritate the dickens out of me. I need another cup of coffee.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Quiet Courage

Surrounded by Quiet Courage

Have you seen it? It's everywhere. I hope you find it as noble and inspiring as I do. What is it? It's the quiet courage that surrounds us at this time of year. Where can you see it?
  • It is found in the young girl going into middle school for the first time. She hopes she will fit in, be liked by the other kids, maybe even be popular. She hopes, but she doesn't know. She is genuinely anxious. But still she goes. Quiet courage.

  • It is found in the high school and college graduates who must look for a job. They took the summer off but now it's time to put together a résumé and start interviewing for a job. They are simultaneously hopeful and frightened. But still they go. Quiet courage.

  • It is found in teenage boys going into their first year of high school. They've heard all the urban legends about what the upper classmen make the freshman boys do. They don't know how to separate truth from fiction. And, while trying not to show it, they are scared. But still they go. Quiet courage.

  • It is found in parents taking a child to college for the first time. They arrive at school, unload the car, set up the room, and hook up the computer. They go shopping for sundry items, go out to dinner, and keep making small talk. Finally, when they can stall no longer, the moment comes when dad says, "Sweetheart, it's time for us to go." After tight hugs and long kisses they go separate ways. The parents get in the car and are sad. The child is sad too. But, as he or she walks into the dorm room, that sadness is instantly joined by self-doubt, loneliness, and anxiety. But still they go. Quiet courage.

  • It is found in young children going to their first day of school. For years they have repeatedly been told by mom and dad, "Don't speak to strangers and never get in a vehicle with them!" Now they find themselves getting on a bus with a stranger while mom and dad stand there smiling, crying, waving, and taking pictures!

    There is so much the child secretly wonders about: What do I do when I get off the bus? How will I know where to go? And, at the end of the day, how do I know what bus to get on? How will I know when I get to our neighborhood? How do I know where our house is? Will mom or dad be there to meet me? There is so much they don't know. But still they go. Quiet courage.
I hope you have had a great summer. But now as we head towards Labor Day, guess what? It's time to go. It's time to dust off your dreams. It's time to set some clear, measurable weekly goals for your business. It's time to do those things you don't enjoy that are the necessary precursors of success (i.e. getting appointments, setting up meetings, motivating those on your team, reconnecting with customers, etc.) In short, it's time to go to work.

Not motivated? Wish you could blow off doing what's necessary? Tempted to coast into the Fall? Finding it more attractive to quit your business rather than crank it up? Wishing that massive success could come with minimal effort? Longing to avoid the inevitable hassles encountered on the road to uncommon success? Are you feeling some entrepreneurial loneliness, anxiety, or doubt? Welcome to the club. Look around you. You are surrounded by heroic, wonderful, quiet courage. Millions of people are experiencing the same things as you. But still they go. It's your turn to join them.

Committed to your quiet courage and unmistakable success.

Tom Barrett, Ph.D

Monday, August 27, 2007

BOUNCE - weight bounce sucks

Text Book Results:
1-3 months postop = 4.12 lbs loss each week
3-6 months postop = 2.45 lbs loss each week
6-9 months postop = 1.24 lbs loss each week
9-12 months postop = .12 lbs gain each week
12-15 months postop = .39 lbs gain each week

Starting weight: March 5, 2006 = 275 lbs
Surgery weight: May 31, 2006 = 247.5 lbs
Lowest weight: June 6, 2007 = 143 lbs
Current weight: August 31, 2007 = 150 lbs

Goal weight: 150lbs, first reached, February 7, 2007, bounced and reached second time March 21, 2007, bounced and reached third time, August 22, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Indre Arna (Inner Arna)

Arna, Norway

Around 12,000 inhabitants live in this rural suburb. As it is situated behind mount Ulriken, Arna is geographically close to downtown Bergen, but it takes some time to drive there by road as there is no road tunnel as of yet. However, a train journey from Arna station to Bergen only takes eight minutes.

Weather forecast for Indre Arna in Bergen (Hordaland)

Weather in English

Image:Gulfjellet 1.JPG

a bit smaller, a bit less expensive

We are still researching our options and finding that if we are willing to live on the other side of the mountain, we can afford to live on the other side of the world.

$272,895 US for 1280 square feet apartment and 172 square foot storage shed.

this is not ideal, but it is at least survivable. I am still fighting my own fears of just loosing so much and gaining so little. The shear thought of giving up every single electronic appliance is just mind numbing. today I went through the blankets cabinet and realized that the electric blanket would not work there.

the curling irons and blow dryers, the coffee maker and coffee bean grinder. Very daunting task of selling everything in the coming months.

the boys have been assigned their classrooms and teachers. Magnus has Ms. Volton for 1st grade and Erik has Ms. Hill for 2nd grade. looks like both teachers will assign a lot of reading.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Maggie Mae

we have achieved 'muddy waters' for stool, mostly due to the antibiotics creating such an inhospitable environment for the flora and fauna in his bowels. but at least we are not having so much trauma in the lavatory this week.

he is happier and much more pleasant disposition.

We went to the school and the roll is posted, he has found out whom his new teacher is and where her room is located. that will make the first day on Monday much easier with less unknowns.

his backpack is packed with his shiny new school supplies and he is ready (at least physically if not mentally) to go to school. Since change is never positive in his book, he is reluctant to go, but he knows that his teacher is Megan's mom, whom he was friends with last year in school, so if not familiar, at least a known person with a great recommendation. after all, Megan is super kewl, so her mom must be pretty kewl.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Lower GI results: they saw issues and there was a ding-ding bell go off. Now we are going in on Wednesday to see the Gastroenterologist who originally couldn't get us in until January 2, 2008, but after a call from our pediatrician, will see us in 7 days.

as for Maggie Mae, he has gone back on the Kristalose and had explosive diarrhea but the Pediatrician would rather have that than constipation. he is still playing with Erik and friends, but does not venture far from the toilet.

today he had a 'miss' and had to take a shower and change his shorts, but we made a little deal about it as possible to just get through this as painlessly as possible. Squirts is better than constipation.

today was NOT a good day and YESTERDAY was terrible.

Breakfast and Lunch were on target, protein bar and chicken tenders but dinner was a grand departure from normal, dinner was our 10 anniversary dinner

a slice of French bread, a ginormous onion ring, a bowl of crawfish etoufee, and then four bites of creme brulee, THAT made me burpy sick and I really wanted to puke, but I kept it down, burped all the gases out and made it through. I think it ws the fried onion ring that was my downfall.

today was less of the same.

breakfast was a protein bar and lunch was a small portion of pasta and a really small portion of eggplant parmesan. dinner is looming on my horizon, I doubt that I will make anything wild. I really do not think that there is anything even in the fridge. ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Kat-kins

I do think that you have to find your 'happy' or 'sweet' spot and eat to maintain that. I found my happy spot at a size 4 in misses, size 7 in juniors. I got down to a size 2 and 5 but I was not 'happy' there and so I ate like crazy, breaking all the rules, wondering the whole time if I would go back to the way it was.

this week I find that I am pretty much 'on target' for the kind of foods to eat.

B: 1 protein bar, 180 calories, 19 gr protein
24 oz coffee

L: 8 oz wendys chili
24 oz ice tea

D: romaine salad with 3 oz chicken, tomatoes, cheese, croutons
24 oz raspberry tea

I was really worried that I would be able to keep to the strict diet the first year and then worried that I would be able to stop and then worried that I could allow the feasting during the bounce and now I am confident that I am over the hump and seriously able to eat within reason and maintain my current success beyond my next surgiversary.

I check the scale every other day now instead of 10 times a day. I keep my stretchy pants to a minimum, hauling them out for periods only, and keeping the unforgiving pants on daily as part of my routine. even my clothing buddy, my daughter refuses to let me get stretchy stuff, saying that I am never allowed to go back them, having learned my lesson and now have a safe guard in place.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TMI- Too Much Information

we have had an issue in the house for about 8 months, but it is something that no one wants to talk about. It is getting much worse, so now I feel that we need to talk about it.

Magnus, the sweetheart of the family, has to go in for a lower bowel xray today. yesterday he met with his pediatrician yet again for the same issue.

he has extremely large bowel movements and when he does it creates fissures at the opening of the anus. the blood loss is alarming and very upsetting. this has been going on for months. we have tried change of diet, eliminating dairy, increasing fiber, increasing fluids. all to no avail. we have tried medicine to loosing the stools but nothing helps.

Sunday night, he was dancing the two step that signals to me that he has held it as long as he can and now he HAS to go, so I rounded up his stuffed puppy that helps him go, and we proceeded to the toilet. he was resistant, but he knew that it was something that has to be done.

he pushed, he strained, he pushed so hard that he burped with each push. he cried, the tears streamed down his face onto his puppy and he got it out, bit by bit. we talked about how much it hurt, but that he had to go. we talked about how he would like to reduce how much he eats (he already has done that too) even further so that he has to go less often, and how unhealthy that would be. we talked about how confusing it was to have this happen when he was already drinking more and eating the right stuff to help his bottom. he is extremely smart and understand the correlation between input and output. and he is only 6!

after he was done, we got out the baby wipes to clean him up and there was so much blood in the toilet bowel that you could not see the waste (BM). there was so much blood the wipe that I nearly got sick. but the worst part was that there were dark black mucusy blood clots on the wipe and still hanging out the anus. Everything points to colon polyps. His dad saw tarry, dark stools earlier in the week, which may be a sign of bleeding higher in the gastrointestinal tract, such as from an ulcer.

THAT terrified me.

I got him cleaned up, and washed up and sent to bed. I got back on the internet to google and double check my worst fears. he has fussed and fretted for months now that he really does not want to go back to school, and I am sure the stress is not helping his digestive system. We do not know if it is hemorrhoids, ulcers, polyps, tumors or what, but I am determined to find out NOW.

yesterday his Pediatrician ran a rapid strep test on his bottom to see if he has GROUP STREP A. now my husband had a deep gasp of air, because she also used the word that puts terror in our home. Strep / Staph.

Jasmine and Krystal have had ANTIBACTERIAL RESISTANT STAPHYLOCOCCUS S aureus and it is not a pretty sight when they have an active lesion. We work diligently to keep it under control, and reduce the trauma when they have one that abscesses. It is just not something that ANYONE wants to go through. so far we have limited it to just the twins, and no one else has gotten it, YET. we keep the environment clean during an outbreak with sialic acid (active ingredient in Noxema) to keep surfaces clean.

today it is a off to CyFair Hospital for a lower GI series: an x ray that requires insertion of barium into the large intestine to make it show up better. Also called a barium enema x ray. to look for abnormalities.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Garnes / Indre Arna, Norway

Finally issued my passport. one hurdle down, about a million to go.

I am slowly acclimating myself to the plan. there are still some aspects that I continue to balk at. the incrediably small small spaces in proportion to the incredibly high prices. but as long as I do not think about the prices (1200 sqft = $400,000) I will be okay. ;) right?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

just news

hmm my news...

spent 6 weeks in Washington/ Montana visiting with the family. Naomi is doing well. goes back to school shortly. Jasmine is doing well. working full time at Direct TV in Customer Support. My Parents are well, getting ready to go to Glacier National Park.

Here in Houston, my daughter Krystal is doing well, as is her baby Jordan, he turned 6 months last week, I am in charge of taking him in for his well visit and shots, while his mom is in a WIC appt that doubled up but could not be rescheduled. Erik is doing well, very eager and anxious to start school the 27th, just one week to go. got him a new back pack and shoes two weeks ago and a new lunch box today. he is very excited. Magnus on the other hand got a new back pack and new lunch box and wants me to return both so that he does not have to go to school. he has some major issues about the subject. he has a doctors appointment tomorrow, I think we will end up at the Gastroenterologist before the week is out. he has some serious issues with bloody stools for a couple of months now and we are getting no where with the current treatment.

as for me, I am slowly gearing up for the fall family portrait season. should be a record breaker for me. I have cleared off my desk, and am ready for the party to get started. ;)

did I mention that my husband had finally decided that we must move to norway. there is just no stopping him, we are tentatively scheduled to move 06/07/08 to a small town called Garnes, Norway. that will take about every minute of the next 9 months to get ready for. Some local kids made a video. Hmm, rethinking this whole decision. ;)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Coffee? hahaha

the Modified Louetta Blend is a Chocolate Kahlua (50/50) caf / decaf blend that I only buy in 1 lb increments, and store in an airtight Tupperware in the freezer and then take out 5 seconds before grinding. I scoop out 4 scoops, and then return immediately to the freezer

I grind it on expresso and when that is done, I knock all the grains down and grind it again on drip, to get the perfect powdered sugar consistency

I pop in a two filters into lifetime filter and scrap all the grounds into the filter and pour 24 oz of reverse osmosis water in for my one cup.

while it is brewing, in the32 oz cup I put 1 tsp of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, 1.5 heaping tsp of splenda, and 2 oz of organic valley 1/2 and 1/2

this is consumed in peace and quiet over 1/2 hour and there is no blood shed.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Sverre feels this is perfect.

I however am starting to hyperventilate. in a big way.

I can feel the water lap over my face as I am being sucked down by the current and the tidal wave is creating an undertow that will crush me slowly instead of an instantaneous death.

(btw, this is his parents old condominium, they now have a house on an island out in the ocean off the coast.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

US Department of State

I filed for my passport in March. so did the boys.

they got theirs in June, 4 months later. FINE.

Due to Child support issues and the check in March not being cashed until June 19th, my passport was stalled. I contacted the state, got them to cash the check, and release my passport. they did that July 7th.

I called today, and the STATE still has not received approval to clear the damn thing, so I still do not have a a PASSPORT. as Naomi would say, that is FLIPPING INSANE.

still waiting to hear back from them. it has been 6 weeks since it was cleared and 6 months since I filed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vacation to recover from my Vacation

I get by with a little help from my friends, I get high with a little help from my friends.. heehee

as for work, oh he|| yeah I got to get back to work. TOMORROW. heehee

what is it about being gone and the house going to he|| in a handbasket? today I have had to go to the store to pick up what I missed on two trips yesterday and I still do not have any spaghetti noodles for dinner wednesday night. I have gone to the bank, twice, one for personal and one for business. I have gotten my assistant to mow the lawn, that will need another swipe in a day or so because the grass is just laying there,
laundry, I did laundry before I packed and I still have about three loads. I got all the clean stuff sorted, hung up and put away, all the suit cases are put away, the studio acquisitions are in the studio if not put away.

I am slowly decontaminating the kitchen, I swear, it feels like a 'roach motel' and while there are not BUGS there is just a lot of 'ickies' so I am scrubbing the cabinet under the sink where there is some water marks from it sweating during the summer, and naturally I am scrubbing the stove under the burners, because at some point during the summer, the natives decided that they didn't have to clean there when mom is not standing in the kitchen with a wooden spoon.

I spent hours trying to find the floor in my office, the 'assistant' was way to messy, and she really needs to use her OWN OFFICE, that will be dealt with tomorrow. along with all the projects that were not addressed this summer while I was gone.


Someone may have to come over and help me dig myself out and get ready for my fall studio open house October 6th.. I have given myself a 'date' so that I get something DONE.

since I am on a roll of my rant of the day and no one in this house wants to listen to me. I will bless 'ya'all' with my tales of woe

okay this assistant of mine that I inherited. she really has a mouth on her. heehee I do not know where she gets it from. but she has gotten way too much leeway and needs a proper setting down.

so she orders and downloads pro show gold tonight to fill an order, and gets just a little uppity with me as she is putting in the credit card and I get just a little irritated because she is not all that bright or she would have already done this order and mailed the flipping thing 3 weeks ago. but we get through that and I let her figure out PSG on her own, and she did do a pretty good job, all I had to do was figure out how to add the same sound track twice so that it would 'loop' and get the slides to sync up without selecting each one (308 slices) and I think that we will really put the program to good use.

first order of business after mowing and moving 3 year old junk car (still peeved at that one)

here is the list..

I] my husband announces that we are definitely selling the house and moving to Bergen Norway June 2008. period. okay, so like I can pull that off overnight. I explained that it could take 3-6 months to get this house ready for sale and 6 - 9 months to sell it. he was SURPRIZED. (it was on the market 9 months when we bought it.)

I am extremely torn about the move. yes it would be an adventure. but Norway is not as Over the Top with discretionary spending like we are here when it comes to portraits. I am planning on two trips back here a year for work and family, so I am not completely upset.

II] my daughter that recently got married and had a baby, her husband is going into the USMC in 6 weeks and she thinks that she might have to give up her house (rented) because the recruiter insists that she will not get any income while he is in basic training. and she is feeling very stressed. she has three dogs so finding her housing is difficult. she also has three vehicles (one running) that is also difficult and did I mention the HOUSEFULL of STUFF that she REFUSES to part with or downsize.

I offered her my old room at home with room for the baby in the walk in closet which she initially refused to accept because we can not have the three dogs and the three cars (room for one) and do not get me started on three bedroom house full of 'garage sale treasures' but has since had a 'come to jesus' and is considering it.

she would rather get an apartment and tough it out, but I have no idea how, and I have counseled her repeatedly on this, but she has it in her head that nothing is replaceable and everything has value.

I tried to explain that she needs to think natural disaster, what would you pack in the car and get out of with that you can not replace, but she can not see what she could leave other than a couch or a chair. aauuuggghh

okay, I loaded the dishwasher, AGAIN... awe nuts.. I drove her home and could have picked up the noodles/sour cream/cooking spray on my way, I forgot, (I didnt want to make a special trip) I really need to decompress.

okay, I am going to get some rest (it is 2 am) and start fresh in the morning... I still have to de-clutter the boy's toy room and my desk has sugar ants. grrr

III] I have so much work to get done this fall, I am almost not sure where to start. just like an elephant, one plate at a time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

6 hours to go before going home.

my little '99 bugger is still jetting around Scandinavia, I can not believe that he will start the 2nd grade in a few weeks. just blows my mind. How did time just blow by so fast?

my little '01 bugger is sacked out next to me, one minute he is smart as a whip, the next he is driving me nuts with his flip attitude.

we all fly home tomorrow. I am packed and ready to load the truck to go to the airport tomorrow.

I am watching the TLC video of Princess Diana, I do not know what the draw is, I shouldn't watch it, but I am drawn like everyone else.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Naomi Sleep Over

cranked the Air Conditioner all the way down and she slept much better this time. other than one waking point around 11 pm, she was out for the count without any help.

breakfast was All Bran/Cheerios for her, Captain Crunch for Magnus, and Coffee and Protein Bar for me.

all the beds are made, the dirty laundry gathered up, shower done and teeth brushed, we are ready to face the day. G'parents are already gone, out bike riding down to Asotin, Washington.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Two Down, Four to Go

depending on how you look at it, two boxes of 'stuff' or the two 'packages' (Krystal and Jordan) are back in Houston.

Morning: Krys was a major Grouch. nagging Jason, Screaming at me, overall just irritable. I am sure she was worried that she was not going to get all her luggage home safely without something going wrong. It really did look like she was going to need 10 or so boxes, but it all fit in one suit case (50 lbs) and one new car seat box (including the new car seat) (50 lbs). As well as the backpack (10 lbs ) and diaper bag (20 lbs).

while Krys primped in the bathroom, G'ma was talking to Jordan, it was pretty cute to see him watch her mouth as she exaggerated the sounds of words that she was trying to teach him. he will be 6 months old in 4 days and he is extremely smart and alert.

we loaded in the car and stopped for 1/2 hour at Kiwanis park to see the geese and pick some berries. overall it was just really an opportunity for miss grouch to have some down time.

Noon: Parked right in front of the airport terminal, unloaded all the bags, Krys was the last to check in, G'ma and Magnus waited with her in line while I parked the truck in the side lot. she was able to check both packages and the infant seat and base. She pushed the stroller with Jordan in her arms and the bags in the stroller out onto the tarmac, then gate check the stroller and the green backpack before boarding. The plane sat on the tarmac still refueling for an additional 1/2 hour so it was fortunate that she had a 3 hour layover in Salt Lake and the delay didn't affect her travel plans.

Dinner: we had a picnic dinner out on the picnic tables, fresh bacon, salad, egg sandwich, hamburger / french fries, macaroni -n- cheese, granola bar and kool-aid.
Desert: Ice Cream at McDonalds and playtime in the playport area.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jordan in the Pool - Clarkston Washington

We got up, loaded the truck, and drove back through Idaho. The smoke in Powell Idaho was HORRENDOUS from the Fire.

the Waterfall at Tumble Creek was perfect of course.

Little Jordan was not too sure about the pool, it usually runs about 80'F, it was "FLIPPIN COLD" according to Naomi. Jordan did finally adjust though and seemed to enjoy the water.

Magnus however had decided that the pool is too uncivilized and he stayed in the Jacuzzi which usually runs about 104'F Naomi had a sleep over and was up periodically through the night, she doesnt seem to do well with the heat.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Western Montana Fair - Missoula Montana

G'pa Sherman, G'ma Sherman, Jasmine, Magnus, Krystal, & JordanThe Sons of Norway have some contraband called a VIKING (sausage on a stick, dipped in batter and fried, YUMM and Deep Fried cookies. I swear, this place would be my downfall if I could eat like this daily)
the exhibits are my favorite now that I am an adult, the Rides used to be, and of course the rides are the kids favorite, which Magnus was really chomping at the bit to get on them right away.