Monday, March 26, 2012

Theory X and Theory Y

I almost caved. I was really close to giving up and giving in, but discovered that another child in our neighborhood got into a spat with my son, sending horribly nasty text messages of the most derogatory nature. My son blocked this child from his phone, and yet dad still wants to send him back to public school to 'teach him' how to deal with that type of people? ahem. let me think about this for 8 seconds.

I know that I stress about academics, I think that most of my issues is that I expect my son to perform on a level that may be a little more advanced than he is capable of because of the nature of TXVA.  I have little faith in myself, I do not relax and go with the flow.  I am a Theory Y personality manager, and he works better with a Theory X. However, I hate dealing with the Theory X managers when they can not coax him to be compliant. I am okay with delegation, they are not. So we continue to butt heads in methodology of education.

Last night was an optimal example, he was sent to bed at 10 pm.  he was instructed he could read until tired, he was playing on his touchpad / phone until 2 am. he was not tired. why? he sleeps until late morning, so his entire schedule is out of sync with what needs to be for function and form in our house.

I am really worried about the transition from tween to teen. he is already exhibiting that 'TEEN' 'TUDE that I really did not appreciate with his sisters.  It would be much easier if he was not so lovable when he is in his pleasant state.  Tigger / Eeyore, I am familiar with and can handle. this Jeckle / Hyde, not so much.