Wednesday, February 10, 2010


two stations for Houston:
8.1 more kid friendly
8.2 more craft friendly
I swear, you could get a college degree just watching PBS... it is amazing how much stuff is in there...

Monday, February 01, 2010

stinking menapause

Magnus: had art today, he used clay and made a pokemon ball, painted it with acrylic paint, he and I pedals our bikes 6 miles total. He is ANXIOUS for Jordan to come and stay. we got a full size bed today for them to share.

Erik: had school today, he brought home math, social studies, and spelling for homework. his little buddy Nick is over, but I had to tear him away so that he could get his homework done. he is getting private writing help from the vice principal so that he passes his state exams in April.

Naomi, I have no idea, I have barely been able to get them to answer the phone since her birthday. do not know what thier deal is other than I have not been up there since February so they must be getting peeved at me. but that was thier own fault they said they were sending her here for the summer last year, and then they didn't follow through.

Krystal is working two full time management jobs, taco bell and commissary. she is extremely stressed and cranky. Jason is working extra hours to prepare for Afghanistan, they are putting a lot of stress and pressure on him so that he gets used to it and if he breaks it will not be under combat conditions. Jordan is getting caught in the middle and cries a lot. Krys will leave California at 5 am, arrive here at 2 pm, and fly back out at 3 pm, she will not even leave the gate, just walk off the plane, hand me Jordan and his bag, and get back on and leave. we are starting taxes tonight.

Jasmine is doing really well. she has only missed one lecture due to expecting her room mate to drive her. she now has an unlimited bus pass so that she can come and go and it is all paid for. I do have an alarm that goes to her phone 15 minutes before each class to remind her to stop gabbing and get to class. she was up really late the other night working on math, it was so cute. she has no running vehicle but since she is in town, she can get anywhere now with her pass. it is good for the whole semester for the mountain lion. the neighbors freaked out about her dog, the landlord told her she had 24 hours to get out, she has calmed them all down and is working through it. we are starting taxes tonight.

sverre is in a good mood considering that his boss is no longer with his group and he has a new boss. He adopted / ordered me a new desktop computer and it will be born this week in China and we will finalize the adoption this week. ;)

as for the house, we have acquired a 'full' sized mattress and boxsprings, I thought it would be a FUN project for dad and me to make a LOFT with it so that the dresser could go under it and the mattress ontop, but I will need someone to help hold the boards while I cut them on my fancy smancy table saw.

as for me, flipping menopause.. I was in a MOOD last week, fortunately, it only lasted 5 days. whew. I think I need some iron tablets or liver and onions.