Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kids Triathlons

June 28, 2008 - Triathlon from Sverre Amundsen on Vimeo.

Region: South Midwest (Houston)
Region: Pacific Northwest (Missoula and Lewiston and Spokane)

Erik Totally Rocks and Loves participating...

Personal Best Time: 00:09:10

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Erik Summer

My 9/99 baby has been BUSY!!

he completed his second year of Chess Club!! he has advanced to Bishop Rank (intermediate level on master course)

he completed his first year of cub scouts and has advanced to rank of Bear.

he has completed his first year of Swim Team and is ranked 21 out of 35 in NorthWest Aquatic League C1 Division with 25M Freestyle at 00:29:03 and 25M Backstroke at 00:30:07. (practice is 5 days a week, meets are on saturdays)

He is entering the Kiwanis Triathalon on Saturdays

so we have four activities which is plenty. in addition to biking, ripsticking, and computer games (Nintendo DS Lite and Wii).

It is EXHAUSTING keeping up with him. ;)

Erik Chess Results

beginner intermediate advanced expert master

You obtained 6 points out of 15, in 19 minutes, 27 seconds
Your level is: intermediate

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Erik Swim Results

Erik Swim Times

|-----Date-----|-- 25 M Free style --|----25 M Backstroke----|

|-05/10/08 -|-----01:11.79 -------|-01:45.74-----Seed-------|
|-05/17/08 -|-------52.26 --------|- 01:08.33--100% Gain --|
|-05/24/08 -|-------47.06 --------|-00:56.31--100% Gain --|
|-05/31/08 -|-------40.26 --------|-00:39.02--100% Gain --|
|-06/07/08 -|-------38.72 --------|-00:44.07--- 50% Gain --|
|-06/23/08 -|-------35.32 --------|-00:39.45-- 100% Gain --|

boom chicka rocka chicka rocka chicka boom