Sunday, April 19, 2009

Growling Lawnmowers

Naomi's Story:
There is a garden in the back yard, and I have to keep an eye on the pumpkins in the back yard. and I approve of this message. and the answering machine picked up a number, and I said mom there is a problem with our answering machine because it won't cooperate.

There snow in the orchards, or the field, and there is sunflowers and pumpkins in the garden. and by the way I found some Easter eggs for the others and I found some eggs and I put some food away and I founds some corn on the cob and butter and salt and pepper and keep it fresh.

Like I had orange and I cried, and physical therapy. get Magnus over here so that Donnie can talk. there are goats on the property. and they eat hay and hay is on our property in the field.

I brought some human shells in our family. they are from the dollar tree. Easter eggs that you fill, they are white and yellow, they have some dye, make them real, dad said with very good place, and only one bag of treats left, and there were all of three, and there were apples in there.

I found some treats in the white house, it had a Christmas tree. And by the way, we found some white wall paper. that is because I found some kittens that were hurting them and I found the vacuum cleaner again and I am going to put the lawn mower in the yard and it is going to stay in the yard and I brought vacuum cleaner inside so it wouldn't cry.

I left lawn mower outside, I had to put another bag on it. I put the plastic thingy on it and I had to pull the thingy hard, and on my finger, and I had to pull harder on it. and I thought I was going to have to have the lawn mower feeling better. I filled the lawn mower all the way up to the top.

My dad said I had it easier. my mom said “do you want to pull the string hard”, and the lawn mower started working because it was going to start growing. By the way the lawn mower got real temperamental. and I had to fix the lawn mower again, and it started growling, and I had to start pulling the darn thing on it, and I pulled darn rope out of the way so that it wouldn't start hurting.

By the way I had six growls, the lawn mower started growling at me. while I was trying to fix the lawn mower again, it was out of gas. when I pulled the thingy, it hurt a little. and it started working a little. and it was hurting a little. If I wanted to pull on the string, I had to pull it all the way out.

I have to keep my eye on it, and it growled, and I pulled and I said thanks and mom said that it was going. I am going to check on doing things for the lawn mower, and I am going to get the weed wacker. So it will stay healthy. you want to weed wacker to stay healthy, you have to hold the weed wacker up. the weed wacker goes fast. They have a little string on top. it is downright embarrassing that I found a fly on our property.