Friday, December 15, 2006

I got the giggles today

I decided to make a life altering change 9 months and 1 week and 3 days ago! I went to the doctor and asked the question, will this really work for me. he said yes, but it is just a tool, the ultimate question is can you make it work for you, can you change who you are and what you do to cope when you have issues, so 6 months and 2 weeks ago, I went in for surgery. now it is 4 days before my 41st birthday and I am still alive (was not sure about that 7 months ago) and now I am LIVING not just EXISTING!! I am completely off all medications, 100% except for my flintstones each day. I am able to work and play and live like I could 21 year ago. I am back to the weight I was 21 years ago. my BMI is WITHIN NORMAL RANGE!!!! according to WHO and CDC and I am in the 33% for my height and age! 66% of people my age weight more than me. how freaking cool is that? so yippee skippee I am going out today in search of clothes. while I am still loosing about 2 lbs a week, it has slowed down enough that I feel safe getting some tight clothes and knowing that I will not be running nakid. ;)

at my last surgeon appointment, he said he didn't want to see me. at least until 12 month follow up, heehee I have heard through the grapevine that I OFFENDED him. guess my 'personality' pushed a button. but all I can say is that I am a success story. I will be at goal in 4 weeks and I am healthier than I have ever been in 21 years. at my 6 month visit, he said I could eat fruit. kewl.

OMG... that was such a rush today!!!

btw.. I ended up in a size 4-6

that is not a typo

that is freaking true

6 pants and 4-6 sweater. I am so totally dying here!!!

my hubby is super supportive. but he said, those jeans are not nearly as tight as the ones you BEEN wearing, are you sure you got the right ones. heehee I may have to go back and exchange them. he is right, they are pretty baggy. the waist is tight, but the rest is not. I am so out of practice doing this.

from a size 22/24 to a size 6 in less than 7 months just blows my mind to bits!
I went to a christmas party and most everyone knew, but there were a couple that found out and were just amazed, kept calling me 1/2 the girl I was. goofs. but all in all, everyone thought I looked fabulous. I sure felt fabulous!!!

not only do I feel great physically, but yes, the emotional boost is something. I would pick something that I REALLY did not believe I could get into, and I could. it was just 'insane' to hold something up that has never ever ever fit me as an adult, and I felt so stupid walking back to the changing room with it. it was such a waste of time. but what was really a waste of time was having to walk back out and find something SMALLER!!! I really felt like an idiot!

well a funny thing happened on the way to the mall today. I made a really bad choice, I combined a bunch of waffle fries from Chick-fil-a and a sweet tea and I ended up with a high octane belly ache and a strong desire in sears to puke. it passed and I threw the food away, but I should have known better. or at least... well.... anyways, so at the Christmas party i was really good at first, I had the ham and the salad and the green beans. but then I had a bite of cookie, a bite of pumpkin bread, and a bite of cake. I swear, you would think that I would learn, but UNFORTUNATELY, nothing happened, I did not get sick. one minute my body rejects one thing, the next minute, it is fine. I never know what I can get away with. but of course due to that, I keep trying to find out.

I did a big treat day for me. a new hair cut, brow and lip wax, manicure, pedicure. wow, a lot of pampering, I may put it on my schedule for each month on my birthdate. this is something that I recommend, a little pampering can go a long way.