Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Some say that I am a feather ruffler, that is soooo kewl!! hahahaha other's say that I am an inspiration?? I am wondering how to 'continue' to live up to that one...

I am finding that the more 'hard proteins' the better I loose, but the better I feel. now lately I have been on one very very long carb fest, totally self sabotage I know, see my other posts about getting too skinny, and I find that I am getting pretty jittery.

so I can see that hard proteins and crunchy greens keep me in balance. I had crunchy greens for breakfast and felt really good all day. then I carbed out for lunch and now feel pretty jittery. I just need to STOP. I just wish that I felt bad enough to actually follow through and stop.

maybe that is the inspirational part, that I am profoundly skinny now, but still have the same issues that everyone else has. learning to cope with my new body.