Thursday, December 07, 2006

gasping for air

I think I am paddling as fast as I can. I swear, I have not really done ANYTHING for me lately, I am so swamped with work, but I promise after last nights issue with dinner, I will take time for me. just as soon as I can.

today to do:
get dressed
make American Express Credit card payment
make Wells Fargo Credit Card Payment
make Capital One Credit Card Payment
answer 6 phone calls from 6 parents about orders that didnt make it in by deadline yesterday
call day care director with request to post information about late ordering
process 11 orders (fix blemishes, order prints)
create 2 custom holiday cards
place 1 holiday card order
FIND Capital One Credit Card
call printers with new credit card number and exp date
clean house before client comes over to pick up order that never arrived (shipped friday)
get cards dumped from yesterday session (1048 images)
format cards before 4 pm for today's session
fax digital release to CVS for client that did not get her form yesterday
eat breakfast
format word to print names directly on 5x7 envelops for orders (still not working)
take vitamins
call back missed calls from morning
get list of invitees and phone number for daughters bridal shower in Two days to lady hostessing it.
schedule to get keys to building for shower
find AAA battery for my alarm clock
charge cell phone
create a 'wall paper' for client's desktop
create 4 Digital Negatives Disks for Clients with custom lazer labels
design new format for thumbnails for Disk cover that fits in CD case, print them
print print custom releases for digital negatives
eat lunch
photo copy all checks and attach copies to invoices
endorse checks and deposit
sort out 'bank bag' and find the receipts, put in the 'book keeper folder'
sort out literally desktop, find the web redesign files and notes combine
sort out literally desktop, find the price redesign files and notes combine
locate envelopes to put in partially complete orders as they come in or are completed
email 5 parents about orders that were placed at the last minute, that now they need them TOMORROW.
custom design download page for two customers that need digital disks TODAY.
upload pages and images and directions to complete process.
freaking lose my mind
answer calls from two daughters, one that is grief stricken over loss of dog and other that is spastically happy over paycheck from workmans comp.
get to post office with orders and packages
meet kids bus in 18 minutes
take vitamins
wait 21 minutes for each lazer disk to burn

aawwweee, I am still out of lazer disk cases.. can we say fecal material. I went to the store last night, but they were out. now I still do not have a car today, and I still need them today. and I am getting more frantic by the minute.


isnt that HORRIBLE? I will make time for me when I get time.

the whole point of why I am at this point, it always putting me last.

I ended up in bed at 7 pm last night after completely dumping on dinner (meatloaf / sweet potatoes) so my body forced me to settle down. I just keep telling myself, just 12 more days, just 12 more days.