Saturday, December 02, 2006

yippee skippee

I hate how quiet my computer gets on the weekend. everyone acts like they want to spend time with family or something.

as for eating, that is pretty much same ol same ol. today I had cereal for breakfast, no protein so no pep. pork chop for lunch, and a b12 drink. more pep. and now for dinner. well. I am thinking chili.

I am back to the 'normal' snacking, but I am working 20 hours a day, so it is hard to GET UP and GO EAT. which is why I am in this situation in the first place. I put me down as LAST priority instead of first.

I do not know where I am in %, but I would say that it is close to 95%.

I had my 6 mo visit and we talked about changing my goal to 10 lbs lower and he got pretty stern with me. asked me to stand up and show him where I would find that 10 lbs to lose. I showed him my tummy, all the extra skin and he said, if you lose that 10 lbs, and then when you get plastic surgery to remove all the skin you lose another 10 lbs, you will be 10 lbs under and that is not healthy either.

just get to ideal weight plus 10 and chill.

Last week: 165 lbs
This week: 160 lbs

loss this week - 5 lbs

Total loss - 115 lbs
next goal- 150 lbs