Thursday, December 14, 2006

End of the week

as of today: 158 lbs
this time last week: 160 lbs

over the first three months post op, I was loosing 4.12 lbs a week

over the second three months post op, I was loosing 2.1 lbs a week

before surgery, I was loosing 1.76 lbs a week on my own. so this far out, I am still doing better with surgery, than without. it was definitely a good choice.

"I had a friend........" the beginning of a story that was never going to turn out well.

"we had an intervention......" also something that rarely works.... for some, the drama of falling off the wagon is almost a euphoric high, do not get sucked in.

there are alcoholics in this world, sitting at the bar at 9 am with a highball (yes, I grew up with first hand experience of this) that are crying in their beer because their family is sick and tired of their crap. shocking I know. "C" on the head for clueless!

I made a choice to make a change. NO ONE made it for me and no one can take credit it but me and my surgeon, but ultimately his work was done in 90 minutes, the real work started after that. months and months and months of work. and people that do not work at it, regain or die.

this FRIEND is not ready to make a change, just to whine about their life. talking til you are blue in the face is not helping them, THEY have to know and eventually they have to make a choice. today they choose food. when their heart stops, or starts to have issues, they may seek help. or not, but you can not let it wear you out with the drama.

I TOTALLY agree, I hate to see people suffering, I hate to see them eating them self to death. and I know the temptation. there is a plate of girl scout cookies sitting on my desk from my daughter, and I had one after breakfast, but if I do not carry them back out to the garage, I will nibble on them all day. I HAVE MADE A CHOICE TO BREAK THE CYCLE. not my daughter. not my hubby. not my son's. me. I take control of the situation. I remove the problem. some would whine about her leaving the cookies, I just pick them up and get them out of the way. because I can make those choices, no one else can make them for me.

I am going to enjoy the rest of MY life. I made the right choice for me, I had the surgery, I live with the benefits and consequences of that daily. I can not make someone else's choices for them.

my confidence has already kicked into over drive. I am not waiting another hour, let alone day, week, or month. this is the first day of my second life, I am not going to waste it.

I am still the one behind the camera. but that is okay, I look good back here!

I am not going to wait until 07 to try new stuff. I have never understood making new years resolutions. spending the last month of a year regretting what you have not done the previous 11. I do not make new years resolutions. I make new morning resolutions. each day I may regret what I didnt do the day before, but I am not going to wait until next month to try something new.

but to 'play along'

the only thing that I would like to do that I have not done, is rock climbing. and not the indoor fake stuff but I mean real rock climbing. in the rocky mountains of montana or idaho. which I will wait until june 07 simply because it is to freaking cold right now. I checked.

(back yard)

I get hungry now, if I skip a meal or if I eat a fully laden carb meal, I get to the point that I am starving. which has been frequently lately. I really need to break that cycle. today I am back on schedule with food, I just hope that I can keep it up all day long. it is usually always good in the morning, cottage cheese and blue berries, something to drink, but by 2 pm I realize that I totally missed lunch, and then by 4 I am starving and by bed time I am in a fog what did I eat and when?