Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wretched Party

I had a table spread that was to die for!

I had enough food there for 60, but we ended up with 3 other guests besides myself and my daughter. I mailed out invitations. I called to confirm. I can not imagine why people are as rude as they are. 8 other ladies said yes, definitely, and then never showed. the two bridesmaids said on the phone at the beginning of the party that they were on their way, just around the corner, they never showed up. can you imagine? I can not.

so the ladies that did show, mother of the groom, mother of the bride, employer of the bride and friend of the mother of the bride and the bride. that was it.

we played the games, we ate the food. I had 1 tablespoon of each of the foods. I stopped 3/4 through my saucer and was finished. I didnt over do it. I was really proud of that.

I portioned out the rest of the food sending it home with everyone so that they each ended up with 4 plates of food and I took home the rest.

Krys did get a gift card from the employer, to target, and a cake decorator tool from Pampered Chef.

I made a booklet that had 1 photo of Krys from each year since she was a baby, it also had all the recipes from the food I made. and all the games in it. took me forever to make it. but it was so cute. it also had the groom in the last 5 years of photos since he joined our family.

I called the groom and asked him questions about him and krys and then krys had to guess what he would say. it was fun.

we hid a ring in the cake, and the employer found the ring in her slice. got every thing cleaned up and back home by 10 pm.

so before the wedding ends up the same way, what could I have done differently? the wedding 'save the date' cards went out 3 months before the wedding, the formal invitations went out 2 months before the wedding. I have received some RSVP cards back, but now with 11 confirmed attending that never showed I am leary of that false positive. do I set up a call list to confirm each the week of? but we DID that for this party and still ended up with 2 guests besides the lady hosting and the guest of honor and myself. I do not want to set up 15 tables again only to use one. and I really do not want to worry about setting up 45 tables if only 3 are needed. and I really really really do not want to buy that much food to go to waste.

is it that bridal showers are out of vogue? what the flip went wrong? it was on a Saturday night, shouldn't have been a conflict.