Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Bye Xena

my daughter Krystal is a good girl. she has a huge heart. she adopted a boxer puppy that was a breeder return a year ago. the dog had severe digestive problems, has been babied and pampered for the last year, just to keep her alive and fed. she has always been THIN. krys tried every thing to get her to eat and maintain weight. science diet, echanuba, all the 'good' food. she got her companions, she would kennel them when Xena was eating, so that she didnt have to
share. she never left her alone for more than 4 hours.
about 7 days ago, she stopped eating, they would coax her, and sunday she ate, but then puked it right back up.

well, today she was just too far gone with Ketosis and the Vet recommended that it was time. he gave her less than 10% chance of survival. Krys has loved this dog as if she were a first born child.

the vet said kidney failure was the final challenge.