Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bridal Shower

the invitation list is 62 ladies not counting me

I am cooking 90% of the food. here is what I have created today:

lemon water (water with lemon slices floating)
7up / sherbet white grape fruit punch

creamy (sour cream) mushroom dip
salmon mousse dip

sliced black forest ham
sliced turkey
sliced cheese
tiny croissants

mushroom / rice / cream cheese bake
macaroni n cheese
german potato salad

costco chocolate cake
rhubarb upside down cake
chocolate cream cheese torte

and the 'hostess' from pampered chef will be making the chicken ring

I have a sinking feeling, I either will have TOO much food or TOO little. I am aiming for too little, I really do not want left overs