Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday!!!

today has been very very good! very very! I easily stayed awake all night, I packed remarkably light, only for got a couple of things, the trip was SMOOOOOOTH and easy. my pouch was very well behaved with the contraband that I gave it on the plane and in the airport.

I arrived in Lewiston and 'JOSS' the Ford Explorer was waiting for me. a quick mile walk down to where he has been parked for the last 4 months.

the motel check in was okay, in original request was perfectly taken care of, but due to changes for Jazz's consideration, everything was messed up. the drama and trauma was someone went through my 'storage' at the motel and took my microwave / hot plate / caste iron skillet / and my dvd player, they pawed through the little people toys, but essentially left them intact. and the batman tent is missing. I am pretty bummed.

Jennifer is waiting to see if Naomi can come see me tonight after school. I would really hate to have come on my birthday only to spend it alone.