Wednesday, December 27, 2006

*sigh* never happy?

I am a bundle of nerves right now. I am 5 lbs from my surgeons goal (I am guessing since I have not been on a scale in 10 days) but my body is changing about every 3 or 4 days and it is freaking me out. on Friday the 15th I was in a 32x32 pants, on Monday the 18th I was in a 31x32 and today I am in a 30x32. what is going to happen next month? I am happy where I am, I was happy where I was a month ago.

I have modified my eating to slow things down, but so far it is not slowing down yet. so far my husband thinks that I still need to get to goal, my children think that I am below goal, my parents think that I am just right, and my inlaws think that I have gone below as well. what is freaking me out the most is that guys are hitting on me. heehee okay that is not such a bad thing, but seriously, gives me the willies. snicker.

mine has gotten much more obscene in the last 8 weeks, but my surgeon says that there is no way in hades that a PS will touch me before 18 months post op, and preferably 24 months post op to ensure that too much skin has not removed. so I have just learned that I will dress to hide it and hope that most will evaporate during the next 17 months.

in the mean time, I just cover it all up and forget about it.thank goodness it is sweater season. ;-)

as for me, it is good to know that those that are exercising like crazy people are dealing with the same issues, I do not feel nearly as bad knowing that by not exercising, I am not doing myself a disservice. I hate exercising.

currently, I am finding the more horrendous flaps are the back of my thighs, the inside saddles of my thighs, the backs of my upper arms and my belly and boobs. I got size 6 one piece swimsuit and I still use a cover up because I am not comfortable with my body

so I serious would like a mirror that would let me see what others 'see' because what I see is that I have gone too far, my personal goal was size 10, not a size 4. I really do not like the bones of hips, ribs, and shoulders sticking out. I think now I am going to have to re'define' what I want my body to look like, and start adding muscle back on it.