Sunday, November 26, 2006

~~~~Victoria Secrets~~~~

I so totally have to tell someone.. if I do not I am going to BURST!!!!

ready? come on READY? heehee

the scale MOVED and I mean REALLY moved this week. aunt flo left, and she took her sweet time. and then I retained for like a week and a half later. and then POOF!!!!

I dropped down to 164 this morning, I was so inspired, I went through the closet and took out a few things that just totally did not fit anymore, and then I raided my OMG extremely underweight husbands drawers. he had a pair of jeans in there that were 2 sizes too small for him and I got them on, and buttoned and HOLY CRAP are you ready for this

THEY FIT. I am in a size 32" Levi's, I have not been in a 32" levi since 1986. I am DYING HERE!!! absolutely butt grabbing dying. I have lost 111 lbs and 10 sizes in 6 months. I have 14 lbs to go in less than a month.

I could just squeal I am so happy. I have gotten out my sewing machine, I totally need to take in three shirts so that I can get another month out of them. oh oh oh and check this out!!

I figured out the bra situation. I couldnt figure out why a 38D was too big and a 36C was too small. HELLO.. I am a 36DD so now guess what, walmart doesnt carry 36DD, how freaky is that? Victoria Secrets does, so next month I am going to get a sitter, take hubby, and get a buttload of new Victoria Secret Bras. this is so going to be a hoot!