Monday, November 13, 2006

I am Still Here

so busy at work that I have forgotten my own name. I am working 20 hour days, 7 days a week while there is still work to be had. I know that it is feast or famine in this business, so while the good times are rolling, I have to get all the work done that comes my way.

my weight is coming off, slowly but surely. I am in a stall right now, not a big deal. been hovering around 169-171 for weeks now. I just need more fluids, less carbs, and a lot less stress. it is much much harder to stay warm these days without the extra insulation. I actually have to wear two layers of clothes, so I look much fluffier, defeating the whole purpose of the diet!

this business is exhilarating, exhausting, and wow. right now it is the feast part. and I am busier than a cat covering shit I swear. I am working on 37 families that I did in two days this last week, just the kids except one that had a grandma in with the kid. mostly just one kid, but there were about 5 that had a tiny tiny baby and a kid, those are the hardest.

Satruday I have to drive back up to Huntsville (75 miles away) and do 4 more families, with grownups. Sunday I went up for a business portrait (10 peoples) and then drive back up on Wednesday with the proofs from the 37 family job at the daycare, and then back up NEXT Saturday to do 5 working farm families (they want pictures of them with their horses) and then that should be it for the year. I do not have any other appointments until March.I just paid my printer bill for the month of October, $450.00 that is a lot of printing. the month of November should be about the same.

Erik is liking school, has lots of friends, so getting him to go in the morning is easy. Magnus is not liking school. He says that he has a friend, but he is just so quiet and shy, he really doesnt want to go. I picked him up early yesterday to go to the pediatrician, and he was sitting on the chair in the office, ( I was 8 minutes late) and he was perfectly still and just sitting there ready to go. not talking to anyone. he is so unlike anyone else in the family.

krys is in a mood. called me up Saturday morning, pretty bitchy at 2 am, I told her she was grouchy, and she went off, said that I was full of it, Jason had told her that she was bitchy too. and SHE WAS NOT! hahahaha she does not transition well. and with him working nights and then not coming STRAIGHT HOME after work, it is freaking her out. man she is like her granny, keeping him on a short leash. after work saturday, I counseled her that she needs more 'girl' friends to socialize herself so that she is not velcro-baby on Jason. she is socially retarted, she thinks that relationships in highschool with girls like Elizabeth Childs and their ilk were so 'drama queen' and doesnt realize that now that she is an adult, she can have a friend without it being all drama. just has to find some 'married' with 'new babies' so that she has stuff in common. recommended that she take Jackson (babysitting 11 month old) to the library for reading hour to start getting to know other 'new moms' as well as a local playgroup and a labor class, maybe even a HOBBY. ;)

sverre lost another 7 lbs, he is now 166lbs I am 169, I swear, I am never going to get below him at this rate! what kills me is that he eats and eats and eats and eats. candybars, ice cream, pasta, it is just disgusting how much he eats and looses weight. he still rides his bike every day, but not on the weekends lately.