Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kat's Protein Theory

there are two kinds of Proteins: Soft easily digested Proteins and Sturdy harder to digest Proteins.
Soft Proteins:
whey based protein, protein isolate, protein concentrate, cheeses, eggs

Sturdy Proteins:
hen, turkey, pork, beef, lamb
it is my proposition that the body must ingest 4 times the amount of calories / volume of soft proteins as it does in sturdy proteins to extract the equivalent amount in protein.
my proposition is that all things being equal, an ounce of soft protein is digested 4 times faster than an ounce of sturdy protein. in order to absorb the same amount of protein from soft protein foods, a person would have to consume 4 time as much. Whereas if a person were to consume only sturdy proteins, they would consume 1/4 as much to meet the same daily nutrient needs. I propose that it takes 4 times as long to digest a sturdy protein and in doing so, our bodies spend 4 times a long breaking it down and are thus able to utilize it 4 times greater than the same volume of soft protein.
just like oatmeal and orange juice, we have a complex binding when we combine leafy greens with sturdy proteins, that give our bodies a greater benefit of the sum of the two, if consumed alone. by consuming leafy greens in conjunction, we increase the absorption and utilization of the irons in the lean meats.