Tuesday, November 28, 2006

English or Metric

Start: 124Kg Today: 74.4 Kg Goal: 63.5Kg

I am having English tea this morning to get me started. blueberries and cottage cheese, wonder if that is anything like clotted cream? or if clotted cream is more like sour cream? strange thoughts at this hour.

it is 6 am, and I am already up, had my breakfast and am waiting for my morning tea to cool. yes, I went to bed extremely early last night, about 8 pm, I was exhausted. had a shoot here, got the house ready for a full week of working from home. that was a chore! but the dining room furniture is now in the kitchen. the living room furniture is now in the dining room, and the living room is set up for 5 different shooting areas. I am totally ready to rock and roll this week.

today was a LETTER PERFECT day. not sure what is wrong with me!!

B: 1 oz blueberries, 3 oz cottage chese
D: 20 breakfast tea
L: 4 oz tortilla soup, 1 Tbl ice cream
D: 20 afternoon tea
S: 2 oz chicken, 1 oz sweet potato