Friday, November 17, 2006

Huntsville Blessings

I have been tremendously blessed this month. a town about 75 miles away have opened their arms and embraced me heart and soul. it is amazing. they have a couple of local photographers, but for whatever reason, they are keeping me busy. I never say no, I guess. I drive up to pick up orders, to drop off orders, to take props up, to take photos. I never say no, but I never give away the store. they are courteous and kind and very respectful of my 'art', any requests are made with very reverent manner and kindhearted spirit. it is a small small town of

The estimated population, in 2003, was 35,567, the median income is $27,075. I will say it once again, size and income do not make a town or a photographer. prices do not make a photographer, I am charging a 'reasonable' rate for my work, not too much, not too little, and they are requesting me to come back, and they are booking family sessions, some are even sharing afternoon sessions so that they can all get in. these are traditional Penneys clients, but they do say two things, QUALITY, quality of the images and quality of the prints themselves.

*sigh* I was really working in the wrong demographics here in Klein, which is funny, because you would think that city folk would value a private photographer. in reality, it is the country folk that value the quality of a good storyteller. how freaking cool is that?

I am in the middle of a humongous stall, but I am totally okay with it, I personally needed a break. now in two weeks if I am still in it, I may pitch an unholy hissy fit.

just got on the scales. 172!!! so up 3 lbs. okay, lets just suspend reality for a moment.

yesterday I had 4 oz of cottage cheese, 8 oz of chili, 16 oz of zip fizz, 8 oz of unsweetened tea. four vitamins.

that is 12 oz of food and no freaking candy, and 24 oz of fluids(yeah, yeah, more in later)and I am up 3 lbs. and I am NOT on my period.

see, that is just mind numbing. no more getting on the scales, no more freaking out, just enjoy my 'diet' vacation.

now to go make some chamomile tea and get some rest, I have to 'go to work for a couple of hours tomorrow', and I now have about 7 sessions for Saturday and two for Sunday.