Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good Freaking Morning Peeps!

I am in a very good mood, lucky for all y'all! heehee

today I go in for three fillings, my teeth have always been pretty, but extremely cavity prone. so I have to find a sitter for #4 and #5 offspring. what a PITA.

offspring #2 is driving me nuts, she is needy, she is pesky, she is freaking over the tux's regarding the wedding. not her dress. not her veil, not her flowers, not her church, music, not her cake, not her photographer, not her shoes, the freaking tux's and to stupid invitations.

please deliver me a giant pizza and a six pack of beer before I rip her head off.

my portrait business is going gang busters and I am getting more referrals every day. I am getting down right EXCITED. I could potentially pay off my equipment next month if things continue to improve. the WLS has done wonders for my self confidence!

and a final note about me, since it is ALL ABOUT ME! I got on the scale this morning. 165.5 BMI 25.8, .9 to get to 'NORMAL' but at least the scale is MOOOOOooooooving. down 4 lbs in a couple of days. (increased my fluid intake, (2) 23 oz glasses of tea a day to flush the system.

Kat [Photographer & Mom of 5 & Blogger]

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