Sunday, November 19, 2006

Snow for Holidays

finally found a decent fare to go north for the holidays with Naomi. no by trip through tulsa, thank goodness!

so I am booked from December 19th (My Birthday) until January 4th. Traveling on Delta and staying at Motel 6.0. same plane and same room. I like it consistent. Already requested my fridge so that should be 'handy'.

as for my other other issues, food has been okay this week, way too many carbs, need to increase my protein and fluids. only loosing .5 lbs every 5 days. would appear that my body is taking a break, which is fine, I was starting to get a little frazzled myself from the drastic changes.

work has taken a SLOW down. I may have three families in the next month, and one definite daycare. pretty slow overall. going to have to work on my marketing stuff.