Thursday, November 02, 2006

Comparing to others

you know, the one person that I seek for approval, my husband is the least likely to give it. I do not know why I beat myself up over it every day or so, but I do. I have lost 105 lbs and he is like, so you still need to loose another 40! I freaking lost it. I am 20 away from MY goal, 30 away from HIS goal and he just dropped it down another 10 to 40! that tells me that he is not happy with my efforts that he may never be. I lit into him about my height (between 5'7" and 5'8") and how he may be expecting me to be like my sister (5'4" and 98 lbs).

I find it really hard to live up to his expectations. my FRIENDS all tell me daily that I look fabulous, that I have done really well, that they think I should slow down, but ultimately that I am doing great.

HE comes back with, why should you slow down? you should get as skinny as possible. WHY? because he is? yikes.

so it may not be me that is in my head, it may be how many people are passing through in my head. I should be happy, love the skin I'm in. ;)