Monday, November 27, 2006

Proteins as I see it

currently I am still on track. I eat 1.25 oz of SOLID protein at each meal first. that is CHICKEN/PORK/BEEF/FISH and then I eat another .75 oz of Leafy Green Veggies that is BROCCOLI/APARAGUS/BRUSSEL SPROUTS/SALAD. I am currently losing 2.5 lbs a week or 10 lbs a month which is precisely on target for RNY 3-6 months out.

I do not compliment with high calorie protein shakes, I do eat 3 times a day, with occasionally 1 snack. I keep my calories down to 425 a day. I do not feel hungry before 5 hours post meal. I have a horrible sweet tooth, but I must say no. the surgery cut out my stomache, not my brain. ;)

soft protein is not solid protein. eggs, shakes and cheeses are soft proteins and they 'go right through you'

okay, techically I should not snack. heehee but then there is the GLARING reality of the situation, so I find a compromise. while I am not supposed to snack, the cold hard facts are that I do. we all do.

so here is my 'snack' attack

on my desk is two kinds of vitamins. flintstones and disney nutri-stix. those are my 4 a day, quickies. seriously if your gonna snack, make it a vitamin snack

then over to the left is my HOLY CRAP I am STARVING stash. BEEF JERKEY. Pork Rinds and nuts. so maybe all it takes is a hand full (not literally) of pine nuts to hold me off for another hour. those are my snacks.

lately I have been 'bad' and I have a box of cereal in here for snacks. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT but I do do it. find something that is low fat, low sugar. I have plain cheerios hidden in my filing cabinet under my desk for DIRE emergencies of snack attack.

I have also been known to stash a protein bar in my purse when I am going to be out running errands and no time to stop at wendys for chili and I just know that I am going to be missing meals. I nibble on that all day. lately I have been partaking of the 42g Protein ones simply because that is what my husband has in the house, not because they are low calorie or anything, they are total calorie bombs! but one a month will not sabotage me, one a week would, but not one a month.

'for me' when I eat 800-900 calories a day I do not lose. when I drink protein shakes and eat soft proteins, I get hungry sooner than 5-6 hours and want to eat again.

my program has me consuming 2 oz a meal, 3 meals a day. I added in the snack, because I am a snack a holic,

my program is trying to train me to use the hard proteins each day so that I pull the proteins out. I doubt that I can explain this really well, but:

a 1 oz soft protein may have 8 grams of protein going in, but it passes through the digestive track in 1 hour and you only retain 1 gram of that protein, the rest is flushed out the system

a 1 oz hard protein may have the same 8 grams of protein going in, but it passes through the digestive track in 5 hours, and you retain 5 grams of that protein, the rest is flushed out of the system

if you combine that 1 oz hard protein with 1 oz of leafy green vegetable, getting your vitamin C in there without a carbohydrate like fruit, you bind the iron in that protein, and now you have 5 grams of protein AND a bind-able iron to keep up this, that and the other. the protein in a soft protein (shake / milk / cheese) actually works against the iron thing a ma bobby and you decrease the iron absorption and end up with decreased white blood count, decreased red blood count, and decreased Transferin as well as increased LDL and decreased HDL in the cholesterol as well as increased Triglycerides. (it has been my experience)

I started on cottage cheese about two months ago, and this happened to me so now I am back to the basics, eating my chicken, fish, beef and pork, combining them with the leafy greens and getting the chemical binds with the proteins that I am ingesting, which it takes much less when doing this combination than if you were just consuming the liquid / soft proteins in order to 'retain' the same amount in the end.