Monday, November 06, 2006

5.5 months Photo Op



it doesnt happen very often, god got my periods mixed up, I am happy once a month, it usually lasts a weekend.

today is the day. enjoy! LOL

I am in the middle of a two day 100 toddler daycare shoot with a limited edition holiday theme and I can suffice to say. WOW. I also picked up the orders from the two day 50 toddler daycare shoot right before halloween, and so I will be busy all night placing the orders.

Donna Quarles was right, preorder gets more smaller sales, proof order gets less larger sales. I just cashed $1500.00 in checks today. and am still processing $500 in credit card receipts, not bad for 10 hours of work and all I have is a little prosumer nikon camera and a couple cheapo Alien Bees. hahahaha I am such a little prosumer. snicker.

now I am getting worried. really really worried. I wanted to move to montana in June. I was going to do so without a second thought. now I have no idea. I am starting down a garden path with a couple of land mines in it.

some of the toddlers that I have been shooting, have farm / cow / horse lifestyles as they are working ranch kids. and we are booking working ranch photoshoots, so far two weekends, back to back, and they are inviting 4 other families for a working ranch portrait party, OUTDOORS, as in horses, cows, lasso's and leather. whoohoo.

the part that is freaking me out, is the not shoot, but the fact that I think that this could be a subculture niche market that I would really flourish in and that would increase my HAPPY QUOTENT to the point that I may not LEAVE TEXAS.

(talking to myself) what in the world have I gotten myself into? am I putting the cart before the horse, (pun totally embraced) talked it over with dh, and he is totally understanding, if I want to stay, we stay, if I want to go, we go, if I want to stay until we go, he he he, if i am happy at work, he is happy to stay at his job that he hates just so long as I am HAPPY.

come to think of it, what the flip is up with that? my head is spinning. too much protein today, not enough fluids. the world is SPINNING!