Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the scale is moving

the doctor's appointment is the week. tomorrow in fact. the question is to be honest with him or to lie and tell him what he wants to hear.

to tell him my fears that the weight loss will not slow down after the 'magical' honeymoon period, or that it will continue on over the next 18 months as 'others' have professed.

to tell him that I eat what I want, and I do not stick to the 'plan'. the end results is that I am 13 lbs away from my goal, and I am 1 day away from my appointment. I feel that I have succeeded. I have no doubts that I will be at goal in another month. I am happy with my health.

I am still waiting for my blood work results, I got a summary from my other doctor, but I want to know my cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as my protein and B12 levels.

emotionally I had a 'wow' moment yesterday, I went to lunch with a friend and instead of getting the soup and salad bar, I just got the soup. now it was a strange request for them as well, JUST SOUP. okay, JUST SOUP. but all I needed was JUST SOUP. and I got JUST SOUP. heehee. it felt good. I ate what I wanted, I left the rest. I didnt waste, I didnt try to take something home that I really didnt need. I got JUST SOUP. strange concept in this day and age.

it was only $3.49, which is 3x what I pay for Wendy's chili, and I got JUST SOUP.

I hate waste. I hate ordering more than I will eat. I hate paying for more than I would eat. and I really do not like carting home a doggie bag, to slowly decay in my fridge before I have the good sense to through it away.

so I got JUST SOUP.

I am sure it will get easier on the wait staff the more I do it.

btw I got Spicy Tortilla soup. wow. that was a change of pace. had some zing to it. my old taste buds have been on auto pilot for 8 months, so this was a wakeup call for them as well. no more bland chicken breast. well okay, so I had bland chicken breast for dinner. but we are venturing into new territory.

oh man, so far the restaurants that I have been too have not had the stupidity to tell me no to one dinner, two plates. can you imagine the stink I would have thrown? now Jason's Deli has refused to sell me a child's meal, and that really did torque me off, but I am okay now with paying for adult portion and just leaving the left overs.

cooking at home for me is such a waste too. 30 minutes to prepare a meal that is really about 8 bites. grrr