Monday, May 15, 2006

Rise and Shine

up and at 'em. first thing out of bed, make the bed, pick up the room, move from one room to the next, got the entire house clean, including sorting all the clean laundry and hauling it to the individual rooms, trash hauled to the curb, and company ready (other than vaccuming in 30 minutes).

Got Erik off to school, Sverre off to work. Magnus and I peddled around the neighborhood, I took a protein shake, he a water bottle. 2 miles all before 830 am, came back home, made breakfast of eggs with cheese and coffee. Magnus is putting together puzzles, my laptop computer is recharging and I am going to get the last daycare pictures proofed today. it is a beautiful day outside and I am feeling pretty good. still cant believe that I knocked off 2 miles before 8:30 am. that is just nuts.

I really need to get my hard drive sorted out, and there is the phone. my WLS buddy in Wisconsin. ;) she is talking about her sports bra fitting. she is just too funny.

KAtkins Menu:
Breakfast: protein shake, eggs w/ cheese, coffee
Lunch: broccoli, cheese, chicken breast, sugar free tang
snack: protein bar
Dinner: bar-b-que ribs, green beans, water

Exersize: bicycle for 2 miles