Monday, March 05, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine

I am grateful for all my blessings... and they have been many.

my body is still a work in progress.... just last night I went completely nuts and had oreos and milk and paid the price severely. there are consequences, and that one was pretty bad. I passed out from it. that was freaking weird. toxic sugar shock. so the 'tool' is working. I have lost 131 lbs and I am in a size 2/4.

the boy, I had him for about 24 hours, his momma was really sick, she came over at 230 pm Saturday, went with me to a shoot, then at 730, we finished up, by 1030 I was driving her to the ER with possible mastitis. dr couldn't find anything, swabbed her nose and did a CBC, and urine culture, sent her home with antibiotics for bronchitis. she got her breast pump, and we camped at my house. I woke her up ever 4 hours to feed her and pump, then she would go back to sleep, the baby was eating about every 1 - 2 hours so she was really getting her butt kicked trying to keep up with him. he would eat for 10 minutes, then doze for 10, eat for 10, doze for 10, it would take 5 minutes to get him latched on, so it was taking a full hour to feed him. with the breast milk in a bottle, it worked out much better for her to get some rest. she went home around midnight.I was completely zonked out.

work is puttering along nicely, not as hectic as I would like, but I had so much on my plate this last 3 months and getting krys/jordan situated has really demanded a lot of my time, so I am grateful for the sparse work I am getting.