Saturday, March 10, 2007

Frustration in the Dressing Room - Bras

I went from a 42GG to a 34C.....

what I have learned is that most stores do not carry odd sizes..... this is the 'norm'


so if you are not in that 'norm' range, you can not get fitted properly. I went to msnshopping and they gave me a list of local stores that would carry the styles I want. ended up with a couple of stores that I had not thought of like Kohls and Sears. for me, I have to 'try it on' before I buy, I can not get bras through the net yet. once I stop dropping and changing, I will, but for now, I never know from one model to the next what will and will not fit.

also there is just nothing better than a Playtex 18 hour comfort strap, on this planet. my favorite is Playtex 4693. I do not like the Demi bras since I have nothing but a lot of skin, the demi is just not a kind bra. I do not like an underwire, it just pinches and feels horrible, so I limit my choices severely there. my favorite though does not come in a 34, just 36, how horrible is that?

so here I sit I can get into a 36C but it is already too big on the band, I really need a 34.

once you find your band size (and I go tighter than most) then finding your cup size with a bowl full of jello is just such a PITA.

for some reason, having always had a good STACK, I can not bring myself to get even light padding, I could probably 'use' it, but so far I am still filling out a nice C and with a 34, I look like I am still stacked. but yes, at night I have wrinkly fruit roll ups that are just SAD!

I can definitely see Plastic Surgery in my future. do not get me wrong, I like a '34C' but UP near my pits, not down over my belly button. ;(

handling it? I cry a lot. and I go to several different stores, buy what I can and pray for the rest.