Friday, March 02, 2007

HOME studio and Skinny Butt

WHEW!!!! okay, yes it is a lot of work. yes it is somewhat expensive. but OH BABY OH BABY OH BABY

this has been very stressful for several years and I finally think I have a solution.

I do elaborate limited edition sets and once they are 'set up' I do not like to take them back down. well they take up the WHOLE HOUSE it seems. sometimes I put them in the living room or the dining room, but the whole house is in chaos when they are 'up' which is a PITA!

when I put stuff in the garage, the 'boys' would get into them and high grade my props. or worse, ride bikes THROUGH my sets.

NO MORE!!! I have a solution.

I partitioned off 1/5th of the garage, put up a SERIOUS retaining wall and have storage for my props (16' x 2') as well as storage for the garage that does not 'face the 'studio'. I am still 'massaging' my shelves to fit my bulkier stuff, but once that is done, I will be in TALL COTTON!

this will alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety in my life!

as for my body...

Sverre gave me a piggie back ride from down stairs to upstairs, HE giggled the whole way.

Last week: 146 lbs
This week: 144 lbs
Loss: 2 lbs

Total loss: 131 lbs

original bmi 43.1
current bmi 22.6

size: 2/4 US
size: 4/6 UK