Sunday, March 11, 2007


last weekend, Krys was super sick, could have been mastitis, could have been bronchitis, we didnt know, but we went to the E.R. just the same. they kept her over night, and got her all the proper tests. CBC, Nasal swab, and urine culture. to find out exactly what was up. Jason knew that we were at the E.R. and told him to come after the bars closed, but he never showed up and couldnt get a hold of him on the phone until 7 am, and he was still not 'home'.

fast forward to this weekend. long story short. I am so totally going to kill him. he has been mia all weekend, and he finally rolled in at 8 am this morning, they got into a fight, and while she was bending down to get a bra out of the dresser, he cold cocked her in the jaw/temple knocking her into the tv and giving her bruises on both sides of her face, and on her throat where he choked her.

She and the baby are now staying here with me. I hope that they will get some counseling so that they will be able to develop a healthier relationship and having a safer environment at home. I think that Jason will really miss out on an opportunity of 'being there' if they do not work it out. even if it is only one hour in the morning when he is off work before Krys wakes up. But Jason really needs to learn to treat Krys is respect and be kindhearted and stop being so selfish that he thinks that he can stay out for days on end, or that he is lord of the manor just because for the time being he has a paycheck and Krys does not.

I am dealing with the stress as best I can. trying to make good food choices and not let the situation get the best of me.