Thursday, March 15, 2007

Definition of a HIPPIE

[check] co-sleeping with babies...
[check] extended breastfeeding...
[check] baby wearing
[check] baby wearing GRANDBABIES

yep, I am officially over the edge. I even have a psychedelic baby sling to prove it.

the grand baby just needs some extra love and holding, but I do not have 'time' to stop work, so we resorted to the age old solution, a baby sling.

now that I can 'get back to work' having him 'around' is not an issue.

as for my own 'other' issues. I have lots to complain about:
okay, before you die of shock. I was not all that unhappy with my body when I was fluffier. I sincerely only did the WLS for health reasons.

now I am HEALTHIER. there is no doubt about it. I am off all medications for all my ailments and other than my teeth giving me a really hard time, I am doing great HEALTH WISE.

my body. well. yes, it is a rush to fit into teeny tiny clothes. it was beyond exhilarating to put on my 5 year old's belt to keep my pants up that I just bought and were snug three months ago.

but I am not loving this body yet. I am not loving that my tail bone aches because there is no padding and I am having to learn to sit at a different angle to work at a desk 14 hours a day.

I am not loving that my car seat is so worn out from the imprint from my old butt, that my new butt is aching after 75 miles.

I am not loving that I reach up and touch my achy shoulder and feel every single bone and that the muscles are just not 'solid' yet, from all the fat melting out of them.

I was so frustrated yesterday, I couldn't keep a thing down. not black beans. not chicken. not water. not oatmeal. after for what felt like hours. I finally got up what was causing the problem. and by that point it had been HOURS since I had had 'food' and I was starving. I ended up with dry toast and p'butter and chamomile tea settling my tummy.

and I am really not loving that I am so freaking cold all the time. I live in the tropics. it is 75' outside and I have to have the heater on and I am bundled up with socks, and sweaters.

I would do the surgery again tomorrow. I am happy that I am healthy. I am just so frustrated with all the other issues that are such a PITA.

and I totally know that I will not get any sympathy, but just to finish my rant,... no, better not go there. heehee. no one would have an ounce of sympathy for me, having to eat 6 meals a day to stop loosing. I better run and hide. heehee