Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flab, Fun, Fling, Floozies...

I feel about the same as I did 1.5 years ago. feast or famine. I TRY to eat three meals a day, but find that I am not always successful.

today, I was very busy and very stressed about work.

we did stop on the way to work and get breakfast. I ordered a supreme croissant, but ended up eating a whole buttermilk biscuit instead.

lunch was a 6" chicken sub with lots of salad fixin's and no sauce or mayo.

snack was a giant sized Kit Kat candy bar, purely for the caffeine to keep awake, washed it down with a 20 oz coffee

dinner was a 6" saucer of spaghetti, I ate 1/2 and then walked away.

so today I did stick to three meals, extremely small ones, my habits are exactly what they were before, just the portions today were reduced to a 'normal' portion.

the only thing that has changed was that I now KNOW how to limit the portions, stick to three a day, no grazing. I think that I am in control of my eating, instead of my eating controlling me.

I do not know the stranger in the mirror,
I do not know the girl in the mirror either. I have no idea who she is, what she has planned for me and my family. it is so very surreal.

one day at a time, that is how I am taking it.

daycare kids.. wow, do I love tots a lot. I had 25 little ones today, and had a blast, took three hours to make portraits of 25 angels. best time I had so far, and best portraits I have made so far, what a rush!
going back again to do it tomorrow.

driving to Alabama for the weekend to see my relatives, that my not be the best thing to do, but I have not been over for almost two years, I am 'obligated', have not taken Magnus over in 5 years, and so I 'must' go and have a fling.

taking Krystal and Jordan with me, we will be the two floozies in the car. ;)