Wednesday, March 07, 2007


krys got extremely sick, had to take her to the ER and was there over night, mastitis is where the breast gets inflamed from exhaustion. she is on antibiotics and resting more, and doing better.

her 'd'hubby, was out all night that night, didn't answer his cell, so he knew that she was going to the ER, but did not answer his phone until 7 am, by that time, I had fed her, and was taking her home with me to take care of both her and the baby. he is such a dork.
he was remorseful, but he has a lot of growing up to do.

the baby is gaining weight, getting more alert and learning how much and how little he can get away with grandma. he has been nursing more irradically so I am slowly putting him on a 3 hour schedule. gave him a bottle of warm water tonight, while his exhausted momma took a 3 hour nap. he survived just fine in his own bed in my room while she slept in the office.

my parents left, and have traveled on to Missouri. they were here for nearly 6 weeks. I just could not get myself to 'work' while they were here, I was constantly in demand for chauffeur for errands that were to help Krys, and I was grateful, but as I said, no work got accomplished for my photography, so I did not contact the list of potential daycares in a timely manner.

as for the backgrounds. the one that I nearly didn't get, is the one that I love the most. I have washed the white, and hung it, but have not shot with it, I find that it is invaluable as a gobo behind my other thin drops in rooms with windows, so I will definitely be finding $20 for you shortly.

I did get the cd, it has just been one thing after another and I can not seem to find time to even eat, poor krys will come over at 11 am and first thing out her mouth is 'have you ate today' little stinker. I can answer yes about 50% of the time. ;)

no other pictures yet, my family have gotten beyond impatient, so I compiled with what you gave me and what we scrounged up and that has placated them for now. a 1000 thanks for your work, it was a blessing to us.

as for working, just keep plugging, I needed some examples today to show a daycare, and it was hysterical to look at my old stuff. year one was pitiful, year two was sad, year three was okay, year four was much improved. it just takes time.

the skinny on me, heehee is that I had an 'issue' a couple of days ago, basically a blueberry got stuck in the bottom of my tummy and could not go down, so after a long day of 'eating' I had to take some drastic measures to get it back up or have the surgeon do it for me. I am more resourceful and creative, and was successful in the end. but it did scare the dickens out of people. I probably would have done better if I had not been so severely dehydrated, had only had about 20 oz of fluids in the previous 24 hours, which is not a good thing. that is the real problem. finding time to take care of me. it just never really occurs to me to do it.

so each day I resolve to do better, try harder, and think more. ;) my odds of success are better at winning the lottery, but I do try. :-)