Sunday, December 23, 2007

ttthhhbbbb someone vaccum for me

there are days that I can not believe that I can not eat more than I can and yet I do not gain or lose. there are days that I am perfectly happy with were I am and I do not want to change, but I continue to surprise myself. 3/4 of a taco and I am done. 3/4 of a hot pocket and I am done. 1 pancake and I am done. 1 slice of pizza and I am done.

I am done shopping for the holidays. I am done decorating for the holidays and I have not even begun to cook for the holidays. which actually my family is happy that I am not making a big dinner. they love my cooking, but they do not really want a big spread. we are so un-american. ;)

I am still working my tail off, 3 days before Christmas and I am proofing my last group session. it is taking forever because I really didn't enjoy it and I really do not want to do another one.

I am still trying to get everything packed and in storage so that we can fix the house and put it on the market and move in 6 months. do not get me started on the stress of that endevour! I just want a nap!