Saturday, December 22, 2007

three days and counting down

today I took Erik christmas shopping at Walmart. he got something for magnus, jordan, krys, his dad, and something for his friend nick. we went home, wrapped and addressed them. we had a hard time with the concept of buying things that the RECEIVER would like not that the giver would like.

waited an hour and then did it again with Magnus at Target. by the time I was done with that and grocery shopping and shoe lace shopping, and LDS bookstore, I was too exhausted to do the last three errands, bank, photolab, and returns at walmart. maybe tomorrow if I get out of bed.

that is really nice that Naomi is a volunteer in the soup kitchen at church during the holiday season. it is a really good thing to do something nice for someone else just to be nice. I bet everyone that Naomi helped really appreciated it.

it was super hot here, nearly 80'F on Friday and then a cold from swept in last night with the rain and today it was two shirt and one coat cold. technically it is 69, but it feels like 49.

tonight we are having crepes and blueberries for dinner. very yummy. I was so busy today that I forgot about breakfast and lunch, nibbled on animal crackers for a snack, and am super hunger now for dinner.