Thursday, December 20, 2007

Birthday.. just one more

funny thing about birthdays....

my husband remembered right away, got me a lowepro camera bag. bless him.

told me that I must be 44, I said that was not funny, I said that Jasmine was moving back home, she said that was not funny. heehee I thought it was.

my grandmother called about 10 am, she is good about remembering.

my mom remembered by 2 pm. sent me an email. silly bug

as for my children and other friends.. all of them forgot but one lady from church that came over with chocolate and singing. it was too funny.

we had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes and I thanked each of my kids for coming to my birthday party and they all had a stunned look on their face. they hugged me and felt so bad that they had not brought a present or a card. so my daughter drove them home while my husband and I went out to see Golden Compass.

when I got home, the kids had stopped at the store, got me flowers, and made me homemade cards (which I appreciate more than the fakey store bought ones) and so it was still a good night. ;)

I am now 42 years old and that is sooo old that no one argues with you, they all just tell you okay and that is the way it is. ;-)

I really need to get some nice pictures done of me.tonight though, we finally finished our family project of the gingerbread house, complete with satellite dish.