Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Breathing deeply

wake up and wonder if I will ever get enough rest. it was raining but the trash was coming and the yard was raked, but still not put in trash, took me over an hour to get everything raked up and filled four trash cans and put them by the curb.

order the boudoir calendar... Vendor website being stupid and will not load properly.

computer being stupid and constantly locking up. Wonder if my computer will survive the holiday before I have to completely format the hard drive.

The bulk of the day was going to the store to get the food for the Norwegian Christmas party. and cooking the food and creating all the kits for the two Tiger Den meeting activities.
Opening Ceremony Sverre (Magnus Dad and Erik (Wolf Cub)give
a demonstration in Norwegian language for 5 minutes, answer
lots of questions about where Norway is, how many people
live there, and what people do there. and how it is like to
live there.

Norwegian Christmas baskets

Vafler (Norwegian Waffles with blue berries and raspberries)
Risgrøt (Norwegian Rice Porridge with cinnamon and sugar)
Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Christmas with Trolls

Norwegian Christmas Advent paper chain garland

Closing Ceremony with Gingerbread cookies

I still need to wrap christmas presents before the boys get too curious.
I can not find some of the items that I bought in Washington.
to much to do still.