Thursday, December 13, 2007

Input/ Output Data Dump

today: woke up at 7 am and zipped through the shower, emptied and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen, the living room, and the garage. Somehow I ended up sorting and putting away three loads of laundry, not what I had scheduled for my morning. my mood was going down hill fast.

Got all ready for my 8 am Senior Type Session for a lady that has made a tremendous change and lost over 100 lbs by diet and will power alone. Kuddos. we shot up 360 proofs so that I have some 'weeding' to do.

Babysat Jordan that was out of sorts all day, he would fall asleep on my chest as soon as I laid him down, he would wake up and fuss. very limiting. working on some collages for this client, that client and the other client. got my Christmas card designed and sent to the printers. will address them tomorrow. I had to load up Jordan, and drive over to DMV. Krys took a photocopy of her marriage certificate instead of the original certified copy, and well... you know.

I got all of my memory cards downloaded from this week, and backed up, just two more client folders and I will be nearly caught up.

I finally was so exhausted, I laid down and took a nap, Erik and Magnus woke me up 10 minutes later screaming my name, they didn't really need anything, just needed to make sure that even though the door was open, the car in the driveway, that I was home and available for them.

woke up again when Krys finally came in to get Jordan, who was done with his nap, even though Granny was not done with hers. I got some good REM sleep and woke up right at 5:30 in time for my 5:30 appointment, a cute little 10 month old. that went til 7 pm.

Nick came over and had spaghetti dinner with Erik and Magnus. Rushed off at 7:00 for Cub Scouts Caroling and subsequent holiday party. Finally got all the boys home, bikes back in proper garages, and the house settled for the night.

TOMORROW should be QUIET. no sessions scheduled.