Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Naughty Harley Davidson Session

Oh Boy.. and Oh Boy...

I am good at them, but I spend way too much time on them, I am definitely going to have to increase my session fees. it takes me 4 hours to prepare all the sets for a boudoir session, and 3 hours to shoot it and 1 hour to proof it. and 1 hour to put all the sets back up. 3 hours for editing the images that go to print. 1 hour for the proofing session, so we are looking at 13 hours per session.

It is exhausting to say the least, and my day was totally shot once I was done for anything but tv vegging. ;)

Had to get my Monday client's files taken care of.. and my Sunday clients files taking care up, everything is a rush with the Christmas orders.