Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tropical Storm

rain? you really want to talk about rain? most of the parking lots here are still flooded today, it rained big time yesterday. sverre was happy as a pig in a puddle getting soaked riding his bike home. he is just insane.

I have been working more, not every day, but about three days a week, which is just about right, just enough stress without driving me to drink.

went shopping today, got some odds and ends to take the boys camping in a couple of weeks. fancy smancy wienier roasting sticks and propane bottles for the coleman stove. packed up the paper plates and plastic forks in my camping kitchen box. got the little ketsup and mayonaise packets. this girl does not 'rough it'

krys is completely out of her house and totally in our house or storage and we are 'shuffling things' to get everything to fit. she is settling into the house and learning not to snap and snarl at me too much.

I have a cough, she has a cough and the baby has a cough. yeuck. the house looks like a Cat 5 hit but right now I am down loading memory cards from this mornings shoot, I would guesstimate that I had 12 little clients. 36 on the agenda tomorrow.